“Et frappez-les au-dessus de la nuque”

Ce matin, pendant que j’écrivais ce commentaire et après avoir consulté ma TL Twitter de la veille, je me suis dit que si un jour il m’arrivait d’écrire un Zabor ou un Sator, “Et frappez-les au-dessus de la nuque” serait la première phrase que j’y mettrais. Je vais vous raconter une histoire et vous allez comprendre. Continue reading


The president watches France24

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I guess this means a video is worth a whole book, right?
Let us then watch this 55 seconds long video and write down the messages it conveys.

Here I go.

  • The Algerian élite uses a foreign language even when discussing basic things.
  • Bouteflika is in Algeria.
  • Bouteflika is alive. The video is actually not intended to give this information as the system denies the rumours on Bouteflika’s death through meetings between the president and foreign diplomats or ministers.
  • When the president asks a question the answer is always yes.
  • Bouteflika watches France24. He doesn’t watch any Algerian TV channel, not even Ennahar TV.
  • If somebody says something you don’t like it just means they do not have a clue. Isn’t it Khalida?
  • “Made in France” is a guarantee of quality and professionalism. When Khalida says “those who said that don’t know what a museum is” the president replies with “it’s France24!” And the minister backs down and accuses the locals who must have mislead the professional French journalists.
  • The minister lies to the president. Algerians do indeed not read and many bookshops are closing down.
  • The president is not gullible and his “peu importe” is well deserved.

This is it for now. It’s less than 200 words and I guess hada ma 3ta Rabbi. Peu importe…