Algerian newspapers’ mottos

Algerian writer and current minister of communication, Hamid Grine, finally joined Twitter a few weeks ago. His first tweets announced the death of 86 yo Boualem Bessaih who had just been appointed personal representative of 79 yo Bouteflika. Bassaih was also a writer (I liked his “De l’émir Abdelkader à l’imam Chamyl” book) and a former minister of communication (1980 to 1984) hence Grine’s mention.
And exactly like most, not to say all, Algerian politicians (the few who use Twitter), Grine’s twitter account is not very active with so far only 23 tweets and following 21 twitter accounts. These accounts show that his world is restricted to Algeria (not all of it) and France.

dz_newspapersBut this low activity makes it easy to go through his tweets and this is how I found the one where he stated that only 21 Algerian daily newspapers had circulations of more than 10,000 copies per day.

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Thoughts around the case of Meryem Mehdi

Elkhabar and Echourouk reported today a declaration by the Algerian minister of labour, Mr. Louh, saying that British Gas finally accepted to reintegrate Miss Meryem Mehdi in her earlier position. I didn’t see the information elsewhere and I hope it will be confirmed soon.

I must say that I feared to hear of the death of Miss Mehdi as she’s at her 41st day of hunger strike, that she’s lost half of her weight, and that she’s apparently suffering from asthma, anaemia and diabetes.  And I kept wondering when the Algerian authorities and British Gas thought it was time to take care of her.

Mehdi’s case proves once more that the Algerian state with most of its institutions cares so little about the citizens’ security and welfare. But it also proves that when a person is tenacious and with the civil society’s support (SNAPAP and LADDH supported Miss Mehdi from the beginning), it is possible to win the most difficult and hopeless cases.

But is it normal to resort to hunger strikes and put one’s life at stake every time someone’s wronged? Are laws and justice not supposed to be there for this purpose?

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