La méthode algérienne?


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Hier, et suite à la tuerie de Nice en France, un journaliste algérien, rédacteur en chef de l’édition du week-end d’El Watan, a publié le statut ci-contre sur son compte Facebook. Il y fait l’apologie d’une certaine méthode algérienne de lutte contre le terrorisme et dit son soutien à 200% à Athmane Tartag qui a dirigé le CPMI lors de la décennie noire et qui a toujours un rôle important dans l’appareil du pouvoir du quatrième mandat. J’ai réagi à ce message sur Twitter comme l’ont fait d’autres TwittoDZ. Il s’en est trouvé aussi pour le soutenir.

Mais j’ai tendance, du fait de mon impatience, à limiter mes réactions sur Twitter pour ne pas m’étaler sur N tweets (limitation à 140 caractères par tweet). Et c’est pour celà que je fais ce post. Continue reading


Book Review: The Dead Ass

Mise en page 1My previous book review was dedicated to the now International Star Kamel Daoud. It was almost a year ago and, back then, Daoud was a LQO newspaper chronicler known by a few Algerians. Eleven months later and after some TV appearances in France, a lost Goncourt, a threat by a Salafi clown and a Goncourt First Novel Prize, Daoud has become Algeria’s best author and specialist in all social, Islamic and political questions… abroad.

I still believe that Daoud wouldn’t have been acclaimed that much (in France) and certainly not awarded a penny had he not written something related to Albert Camus and had his political opinions been different. For his novel is boring most of the time just like his chronicles (you can disagree) which are also sad and depressing (you must agree). Today Daoud Continue reading

El Watan newspaper, how serious is it?

In yesterday’s edition of El Watan, you can read an article titled “the shocking words of Bouguerra Soltani on Facebook“. In this article, the journalist reports some sentences allegedly written by the president of the MSP on his alleged Facebook page. The sentences written almost two months ago (on January 10) raise a question about the Algerian people and whether it is possible to rely on them or not. The unwritten but obvious author’s answer is apparently NO. I’ll post below Al Watan’s article in French, and the original text in Arabic from Facebook.

El Watan is probably one of the most serious newspapers in Algeria. It’s one of the three  francophone newspapers which I read, the other two being Le Quotidien d’Oran and Liberte. But this newspaper has changed some 5 to 6 years ago and its editorial line became more… radical. Its opposition to the system became systemic and it lost sight of the objectivity that used to characterize it. I of course have no problem with this esp. that I know this newspaper has to compete with not only the state-owned newspapers but also the mediocre pro-system francophone and arabophone newspapers (L’expression, Echourouk, Ennahar, etc.) Continue reading