La méthode algérienne?


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Hier, et suite à la tuerie de Nice en France, un journaliste algérien, rédacteur en chef de l’édition du week-end d’El Watan, a publié le statut ci-contre sur son compte Facebook. Il y fait l’apologie d’une certaine méthode algérienne de lutte contre le terrorisme et dit son soutien à 200% à Athmane Tartag qui a dirigé le CPMI lors de la décennie noire et qui a toujours un rôle important dans l’appareil du pouvoir du quatrième mandat. J’ai réagi à ce message sur Twitter comme l’ont fait d’autres TwittoDZ. Il s’en est trouvé aussi pour le soutenir.

Mais j’ai tendance, du fait de mon impatience, à limiter mes réactions sur Twitter pour ne pas m’étaler sur N tweets (limitation à 140 caractères par tweet). Et c’est pour celà que je fais ce post. Continue reading


You are not welcome in Algiers

Today’s visit of the French PM to Algeria gives a new opportunity to the Algerian regime to bring Bouteflika in front of the state TV’s cameras and prove, if need be, that he’s alive and actually ruling the country. And just like every other foreign official who’s visited “us”, Valls will probably back the regime by praising the president’s courage and alacrity.

The context around this visit is somehow tense. There is apparently no mention of Bouteflika in the Panama Papers (only his industry minister Bouchouareb is found to own an offshore company) and yet French newspaper Le Monde suggested otherwise by putting the Algerian president’s picture on its front page. The Algerian side complained officially and denied visas to the newspaper’s journalists who were to come with Valls. Many French journalists decided to stay in Paris to support their colleagues.

I don’t expect this context to prevent what I mentioned in the first paragraph from happening but I doubt the French PM will sip a cup of mint tea in downtown Algiers surrounded by women in haiks. Continue reading


Yonamare 1

More than a year ago, a movement called Barakat was created to protest against Bouteflika’s fourth term. Here I have to say that I hadn’t believed in this movement which failed to gather the people around it. Anyway, the movement’s members demonstrated a few times in Algiers and the police was always there to stop/arrest them. At that time, Ennahar newspaper and TV campaigned for the sick man who’s become the country’s president for the fourth time and had therefore been very harsh on Barakat. As can be expected from media which lack professionalism and deontology (let’s be clear, this is not specific to Ennahar), Ennahar used all means to discredit the movement (cf. this video on Amira Bouraoui) and, as an information outlet, never protested against the fact this movement and other Algerian opponents were denied their right to demonstrate and were faced with violent police forces. Continue reading

La démocratie à l’algérienne

C’est à lire jusqu’au bout…

Au FLN, nous accomplissons ce que nous promettons.
Seuls les imbéciles peuvent croire que
nous ne lutterons pas contre la corruption.
Parce que, il y a quelque chose de certain pour nous :
L’honnêteté et la transparence sont fondamentales pour atteindre nos idéaux.
Nous démontrons que c’est une grande stupidité de croire que
les mafias feront partie du gouvernement.
Nous assurons, sans l’ombre d’un doute, que
la justice sociale sera le but principal de notre mandat.
Malgré cela, il y a encore des gens stupides qui s’imaginent que
l’on puisse gouverner
avec les ruses de la vieille politique.
Quand nous assumerons le pouvoir, nous ferons tout pour que
soit mis fin aux situations privilégiées et au trafic d’influences
nous ne permettrons d’aucune façon que
nos enfants meurent de faim
nous accomplirons nos desseins même si
les réserves économiques se vident complètement
nous exercerons le pouvoir jusqu’à ce que
vous aurez compris qu’à partir de maintenant
nous sommes avec A. Bouteflika, l’homme qui réinvente le rêve

Lire maintenant de bas en hau en commençant par la dernière ligne et en remontant jusqu’ au début…

Ennahar TV

A new Algerian satellite TV channel has recently popped up on Nilesat. It is called Ennahar TV (like the newspaper it is affiliated to). It has become increasingly popular! I got curious so I went on youtube and searched for videos from Ennahar TV. It was like people say: Continue reading

The Observer

Observe: Watch (someone or something) carefully and attentively.

This is what I get when I google the word “observe”. So observers are humans gifted with this extraordinary ability of watching things carefully and attentively. Not every human can be an observer, and being an observer is not something you can decide alone. It is indeed a distinction others may or may not give you.
Watching things carefully and attentively is not the only gift an observer must have. Being able to observe and not act/react is an important aspect of the observer’s personality. There are some other characteristics which I will mention later on. Continue reading


I have often heard this term, “Dimoukhratia” (ديموخراطية), used by Arabic-speaking people when talking about the political situation in their countries. It seems that this word has made it into the Algerian lexicon and the first official definition of this word has been published today, April Fool’s Day, in the newest edition of the Dictionary of the Algerian Academy:

DIMOUKHRATIA f. n. XXe century, originated from the Greek word dêmokratia. Combines Continue reading

New Algerian Political Parties: Names’ Analysis

There has been a democratic explosion recently in Algeria when president Bouteflika has decided it was time to indulge in some reforms in order to consolidate democracy. New political parties have been mushrooming since then. I wouldn’t be surprized to find out that the list of new parties I’ll publish here will become outdated tomorrow. New political parties are being born as we speak! Who would have thought that apathetic Algerians have so much politics in them! When you compare the process of conceiving a new political party, having it agreed by the beauraucratic authorities and all what goes with it with the process of conceiving a human child, bearing and raising it to become a responsible adult, you are filled with wonder at the brilliance of democracy. It exceeds biology! A party is born in a fraction of a second and it participates in legislature elections the second it is born! That is why this democracy thing is super awsome – it Continue reading

Satirical Election Candidate National Contest

Dear compatriots, elections are nigh and the new political parties laws are out and it is time those of you who are thinking of presenting themselves in the next elections start thinking about what the hell they should do to win the democratic game. MnarviDZ has been deploring the utter lack of amusement which renders our national political life rather boring on top of being useless. In the past and up to the early 90’s, we did have glimpses of amusing candidates for the elections and during the single party epoch, there were many actually funny jokes. Not anymore. It’s all gone stale. I am quite grateful however when Continue reading

Poll: On new Algerian TV channels

Who still watches the Algerian television outside Ramadhan? Not many I am sure.

Depending on their supposed “ideology”, most Algerians do watch European French or Arab TV channels. So, if we consider news TV, the former would watch France24 and Euronews in French, and the latter would watch al Jazeera (not any more?), France24 or Euronews in Arabic (Algerians do not like al Arabiya, al Hurra, etc.). As to the generalist, movies and musical channels, you would have those watching French channels, and those watching their Arab competitors such as LBC, NBC, MBC, TBC, etc. (not sure all these channels do exist as I am not part of either groups). There is also another group which is probably a combination of the former ones and which watches some North-African channels, mainly Moroccan and Nesma TV.

The conclusion is nobody watches the Algerian channels, and they are so right about it. Forget the pre-90s period when everyone had to watch El yatima ENTV (I am a little nostalgic about this period which created a homogeneous Algerian mind with identical television souvenirs, but that’s another topic). Now we have Allah ibarek five state TV channels, but the quality has definitely degraded esp. if you compare with the late 80s and early 90s. Continue reading