Pour Nihal

Two weeks ago, Nihal Si Mohand, a little girl from the Ait-Abdelouahab village in Tizi-Ouzou, disappeared and couldn’t be found after several days spent by the population and gendarmerie looking for her. Until yesterday as the the gendarmerie unfortunately confirmed her death after they ran DNA tests on human remains they found earlier. May she rest in peace.

Nihal can now be added to an already long list of child abduction/murder victims, some of whom have been found alive or dead while others’ fate is still unknown. This new episode, followed by many Algerians, stirred up many reactions on social networks and also by so-called journalists in the media, many of which were indecent.

Below is a contribution by our regular anonymous reader who wrote this post a few months ago.

Paix à son âme, et paix aux âmes de tous les autres.

Nihal s’en est allée. Arrachée cruellement à la vie et à ses parents. Si je pouvais les consoler, je leur dirai qu’elle a déjà tout oublié, là où elle est. Qu’elle affiche encore son si beau sourire. Mais ses parents sont inconsolables. Leur douleur Continue reading


Bring back the death penalty, NOW!

Following the horrid murder of two children in Constantine earlier this month, there have been protests calling for the application of the death penalty in cases of proven murder. Many people felt very angry about the current situation wherein most criminals are released during the Presidential Grace period which occurs every year. Many Algerians now understand human rights as meaning criminal rights or the right of criminals to kill, assault and steal and get 5 star treatment, or indeed get away with it! This is because the human rights cabal always comes out in force whenever a monstrous crime like the one mentioned above shakes the public opinion and brings the application of the death penalty back onto the discussion table.

For information, Continue reading