Poll: Kenza or Souhila?

Whose side to choose? I cannot decide. I have thought about it for several weeks now and still couldn’t make my mind and this is why I have decided to share my dilemma with you dear readers and seek your advice. You may not be familiar with them but don’t worry, I’ve done my homework for you.

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Algeria’s got a new government

Don’t be too happy, “new” in the title is very relative. The APS has just published the president’s communiqué announcing a small “cabinet reshuffle”. This new government has been expected for many weeks, and many rumours circulated on who would be in and who would be out.

Obviously, it is a very small reshuffle and there is little to talk about or analyse. Bouteflika has often declared that there are not many men in Algeria whom he trusts and thinks are up for a minister position. Ahmed Ouyahia remains our Prime Minister but will be assisted by a newly appointed Vice-Prime Minister, promoted-Yazid Zerhouni. To be honest, I am not sure Zerhouni is there to help Ouyahia, and I don’t even know what’s the official role of a Vice-Prime minister. Perhaps someone or time will help me understand. Zerhouni’s former position in the interior ministry is taken by Ould Kablia, who got promoted as well. But this appointment doesn’t change anything as Ould Kablia, former member of the MALG, was already in the ministry.

Other important ministers such as Sellal (rumours said he’d be the minister of interior as a reward for successfully directing Bouteflika’s 2009 campaign), Medelsi, Djoudi or Ghoul stay in their positions too.

You probably noticed the absence of Bouteflika’s other close ministers, Temmar and Khelil. Continue reading