Classroom Table Art

I hope this blog hasn’t lost all its English readers after my recent entries in French. Here is a post in PoF’s official language and with more pictures than text because the pictures language (does it even exist?) is universal and a picture is worth a thousand words.

Back in high school my Arabic literature teacher liked to speak of social and psychological repression whenever he caught a classmate writing or drawing on her/his table. I liked this teacher a lot, I had him during three years and, whether he spoke seriously or joked, it was always in Arabic Fus’ha. Three years were enough for most of us, including the lazy ones, to become fluent in Arabic Fus’ha. And it’s thanks to him that I have no doubt about setting a new record in this AJ+ challenge. Continue reading


Algeria’s rulers are misunderstood artists

Algeria celebrates this year the 50th anniversary of its independence. The celebrations are very discreet in the country, the logo we see on state-run TV channels being their most obvious form. And as usual, anniversaries are there to look back and reflect on the route the country followed, the achievements, the mistakes, the regressions, etc.

Some people, including our rulers, keep saying that 50 years are nothing in a country’s life and that we should be reasonable and not expect too much. Others seem unable to see any thing positive and believe these 50 years have been wasted. I am more nuanced. I think that one must acknowledge the achievements and admit the failures. Continue reading

طليت على البير – Souad Massi

This blog is not what one could call a “personal” blog and such a post shouldn’t (at least to me) be here. But it happens that this tune has been in my mind for over a week now and I think by sharing it here, it would stick in someone else’s mind and leave mine 🙂

It’s also an opportunity for me to introduce Souad Massi, a singer I like a lot, to those who haven’t heard of her (are there any?!) Continue reading