Mohamed Lazouni

Lazouni1Rab Dzair, one of Algeria’s fabricated myths fell a few weeks ago when Bouteflika, or whoever is deciding in his name, dismissed General Toufik. More pictures and even a video footage of the head of the DRS finally emerged and people got to know how the man looked (I am not speaking of the old images). The myth fell once more with Toufik’s short letter in the press showing his helplessness.

But today’s post is not about this once invisible man. It is about another police officer who became famous in the 80s because of his activities and also because of his invisibility. I am of course speaking of Mohamed Lazouni, aka الشّرطي المخفي (Shorti Makhfi – the invisible/hidden cop) who, let’s admit it, unlike General Toufik, brings back good memories and didn’t harm the Algerian people. Continue reading

Azzedine Meddour

I was still a boy when my interest in History started. An Algerian TV program, called “Facts and Facts“, accompanied me during that period and I still have vivid memories of it.

This program was directed by Azzedine Meddour and presented by Mhamed Benguettaf. It was an unusual way of relating the major historical facts of the 20th century.

Azzedine Meddour was born on May 8th, 1947 in Sidi-Aich, Bejaia, and there he completed his primary and secondary schooling.
He studied French Literature at the university of Algiers and then went to Moscow to study cinematography in the oldest film school in the world, the VGIK. There he met and married Russian Erina in 1977. They had two daughters. Continue reading

Athmane Ariouat

Every time Algeria holds its local elections, a movie comes to my mind and probably to many of my compatriots’. I am speaking of Carnaval fi dechra (watch here) and its main character Makhlouf el Bombardi portrayed by Athmane Ariouat.

Athmane Ariouat was born in M’doukal, Batna. At the age of 10, his family moved to Algiers where he studied at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique d’Alger between 1969 and 1972. He also took Arabic theatre courses under Mustapha Kasdarli’s supervision. The rest of his biography can be found on Wikipedia (Ar, Fr) or in this video. Continue reading


He is known as Rouiched (as in little Rachid, big Rachid being great Rachid Ksentini) but his real name was Ahmed Ayad. He was born in 1921 in El Casbah, Algiers. He left school at the age of 13 and started working. He sold vegetables and fruits among other jobs.

Mahmoud Stambouli discovered him and helped him get a small role in Abdelhamid Ababsa‘s “estardje3 ya assi” play, and the public liked one scene where Rouiched punched the judge. Continue reading



Ikkache Mohamed Abderraouf, a.k.a. Hdidouane, was born in August 31, 1948 in Rabat, Morocco.

There is little information online on his life. His family moved to Oran after Algeria’s independence; around the same time 14yo Hdidouane’s passion for theatre started.

Hdidouane started his career as a teacher while performing in schools and children centres. Many of us, the glorious generation of the 70s, knew him on the RTA in “the enchanted garden”. It was when the Algerian television had the ambition to offer some interesting programs to its audience. Continue reading