Links: Week22’16

algerian_nuthatchA study day dedicated to the Algerian nuthatch (or Sitta ledanti or Sitelle kabyle) was organized a week ago by the AREA-ED. This news gives me the opportunity to mention this association and also to speak of this species which was discovered in October 1975 and is Algeria’s only endemic bird species. The Algerian nuthatch is unfortunately endangered with less than 2000 (1000 according to other sources) pairs. You may want to watch this related communication from the university of Bejaia (part 1, part 2, part 3). Continue reading


Links: Week21’16

In this short article from 2007, former Prime Minister Mouloud Hamrouche tries to explain why the Arab regimes are not democratic.

Algerian journalist and blogger Brahim Senouci reminds us of the skulls of Algerians who resisted the French occupier which are still in French Musée de l’Homme whereas many other groups have requested and recovered their people’s’ skulls. As much as I think that it is stupid and useless to seek a French apology for the colonisation (it’s not Algeria’s business, the French should do it for their own good as a society esp. with French citizens of Algerian descent), I strongly believe that Continue reading

Links: Week20’16

You may have read an old post I wrote during the last presidential elections. It was after I watched a video with one of Bouteflika’s supporters comparing him to a prophet. The video has unfortunately been deleted but I just watched a newly posted video from that period. Here, another man invents new verses of Quran and explains that he’d vote for Bouteflika, dead or alive. Continue reading

Links: Week19’16

Several years ago I posted three entries to share some interesting links with PoF’s readers:

I decided to resume this series on a more regular basis. This is an experiment and I hope I can keep it up with a weekly occurrence but no promise here. I’ll share links to online content closely or remotely related to Algeria which I think would interest you. Don’t expect all the content to be in English, most of the production related to Algeria is not in this language. A blog category (Links) is also created to allow you to browse through the “links” posts.

So here we go for this week. Continue reading

Links: Algerian Female Bloggers

I have shared in a previous post a list of the Algerian English blogs I knew. Today I am going to share links to another category, blogs owned by Algerian women. And as this category is bigger than the blogs written in English, I will only give links to the blogs I follow.

So here they are with no particular order.

Salima Ghezali is an Algerian journalist and you can read her editorials here. She doesn’t really have a blog but I am mentioning her because I consider her weekly audio editorials on Medi1 Radio as blog posts.

Ghania Mouffok is also Continue reading

Links: Algerian Blogs In English

PoF already links to some Algerian blogs. Those among them which I added are there because I like them, without necessarily agreeing with them, and also because their scopes are related to our preferred topics. Another condition is that they must be relatively active.
In this post I am adding a list of the Algerian blogs in English which I have in my reader. Continue reading

Links: DZ Blog Day on education

I discovered many Algerian blogs since I started with Patriots on Fire. I found out that many were related to IT and technology or to literature (people publishing their own poems, etc.); and that’s not what interests me most. I also found out that the Algerian bloggers were relatively young and were less acting as in one community (compared to the Moroccans for eg.) but I noticed some interaction between some individuals or small groups (there were even meetings organised in Algeria), and the Algerian digg-like (Bloginy) increased this interaction (and made me discover and keep up with more blogs).

The Algerian Blogosphere reached a new level after the good idea of one blogger, which had been adopted by many and supported by Bloginy, became a reality. This idea is for every participant to write the same day about the same topic. That way we’d have the same subject treated under different perspectives on the same day. This day is DZ Blog Day. Continue reading