The events which gave birth to this blog were quite exciting! We decided to create this blog following the scandalous events which accompanied the encounters between the national football teams of Egypt and Algeria; which were part of the qualifiers to World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Algeria won the play-off match which took place in Sudan on November 18th, 2009. What followed was a hysterical media war declared by Egypt, and which seemed to be blessed by the highest officials (including president Mubarak himself and his eldest son), against Algeria as a nation, people and government. Despite international and other independent media having not reported any violent events on the day, Egypt still insisted there had been a ‘bloodbath’ in Khartoum and Egyptian fans were humiliated and slaughtered by Algerians. The most wonderful thing about these events is that they seem to have united the Algerian people. It was great to share these moments with fellow Algerians inside Algeria and abroad.

Here are some links to what international press reported on the events: