This is a section where you can post links to articles of interest and which are relevant to Algeria. The articles may be news clippings, study reports, videos, blogs, book synopses or any other relevant information.


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  1. La bataille socialiste is a commie website, but it is packed with very interesting documents. It even has a thematic index which includes Algeria. Here is a selection of articles:

    Related to politics and economics of the pre-independance era:

    Related to politics and economics of the post-independance era:

      1- Algeria [English]. Author: François LYOTARD, paru dans: Socialisme ou Barbarie N° 34 [1963]. Traduction par: Ian BIRCHALL

      2- La montée du FIS [French]. Author: Emile GALLET, paru dans: Trotskyist International N° 09 [1992] sous le titre: The menace of Islamic fundamentalism

      3- Guerre d’Algérie et manuels algériens de langue arabe [French]. Author: Benjamin STORA, paru dans: Outre-Terre N° 12 [2005]

  2. Yesterday was the 21st anniversary of the death of Mouloud Mammeri, one of the most important figures in the cultural Amazigh struggle in Algeria. So I take this opportunity to share this documentary (in two parts) about his work.

    The director of the film was the guest of a program on Canal Algérie this morning, which is telling on how much was achieved in the past decades.

  3. People abroad know Rai as the most popular music style in Algeria. And this is quite unfortunate because most foreigners ignore the many other, much more beautiful if you ask me, styles Algerian music offers.

    Andalusian music (link in French) is one of them. And here I share some interesting Andalusian-related links to sites or blogs which I visit every now and then.

    On AlgeriaColor you can watch and/or listen to many Andalusian music singers, and you will also read their biographies. You can also listen to some Andalous/Chaabi music here.

    Andaloussiate and Andaloussi are two great blogs where you will find everything related to this music genre, including news, relevant links, associations, etc.

  4. Algeria celebrated yesterday the 48th anniversary of the Day of Victory (يوم النصر). On that day was proclaimed a cease-fire in Algeria, after an accord was reached in Evian between the French government and the Algerian GPRA.

    The full (public?) text of these accords is available on the Algerian presidency website.

    On the Algerian side, the cease-fire was announced by Benyoucef Benkhedda. You will find below links to videos of his speech.
    Video 1
    Video 2
    Video 3
    Video 4

  5. This blog is already linking to two art (and news)-related blogs so I thought why not complete the list and add the sites which I usually visit.

    Most Algerian newspapers have their own cartoonists, so here’s a list with the ones I like most: Baki on Echourouk, Ayoub on Elkhabar, Le Hic was with Le Soir d’Algerie but he apprently moved to El Watan, MAZ was with El Watan and I don’t know where he is now, and of course Dilem on Liberte.
    The other Algerian cartoonists I like are: Yooppi and Khalil Bendib (with an interesting video here). I can’t finish with the cartoonists without mentioning the great Slim.

    Photography now, I already link to Ashraf Kessaissia’s blog so here’s his other website. I also appreciate Abdelkhalek Labbize‘s work.

    The last site for now is a painter’s, Farid Benyaa whose paintings I like very much.

  6. A short documentary by AlJazeera English which “examines the bitterness still provoked by France’s colonial war in Algeria and how it fuels resentment between France and its Muslim community”.
    Seen on TV in 2009 and again in December 2010.

    • you do not regret , one day you’re going to meet your maker , you stand up before him and , you ‘re going to point the finger to yourself , beg to get your dirty past undone but it’s too little too late ., good luck with the most just judge Allah subhanu WA ta’ala .

  7. I was reading about Nefissa Hamoud Laliam and the other Algerian female doctors and nurses who abandoned their careers and joined the Algerian revolution. They are not as famous as their male counterparts or even some other females such as Bouhired, Benbouali, Drif, etc. but their contribution to Algeria’s independence was as important.

    Nefissa was still young when she joined the nationalist movement. She worked with the PPA and co-founded the Association of Muslim Algerian Women (AFMA). During the war, she had provided shelter in Algiers to FLN and ZAA leaders (such as Abane and Benkhedda) before she joined Wiliaya III (the medical chief of staff of the wilaya was her husband Pr. Laliam, died in 2009). She was the minister of health in Ghozali’s government, and one of Algiers’s hospitals (ex. Parnet) is named after her.

    Instead of writing something about her in the Noteworthy Algerians section, and because today is March 19th, I thought it’s better to link here to some interesting articles.

    An interview of Mamia Chentouf, co-founder of AFMA.
    An article about the Algerian women’s role during the war.
    A nice article from ITRI about Fadila Saadane.
    An interesting account on the Algerian medical staff before the independence by Professor Belkhodja.
    A very informative interview of Fatma Baichi by Djamila Amrane who wrote an interesting book about the Algerian women’s role during the revolution.

  8. This is a channel on YouTube entitled ArchivesAlgériennes. It’s got many interesting videos about Algeria, most of them in French, Algerian/ Arabic or Kabyle. For those who do not understand these languages, I still think the documentaries are worth watching because the scenes are very evocative. You can find classic movies such as “The Battle of Algiers”, interviews with political leaders, popular TV shows as well as documentaires about various issues such as the Algerian war, Algerian society, women-related issues and also videosabout modern day Algeria.

    Here are some sample videos:
    La bataille d’Alger

    Quand l’Algérie était française: 1830 – 1962

    La Rome antique en Algérie

    Algérie: Le FIS et les Hitistes

    La femme Kabyle dans la société

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