… And the Prime Minister Ennahar

The President watches France24 and the Prime Minister Ennahar. This is the sequel of my 2012 post. It was 5 years ago but it feels like a 100 years. The president could speak even though he didn’t speak to the Algerian press, and he could rule even though he was a 3/4 president. Now he neither speaks nor rules and he doesn’t only watch French TV (does he watch TV at all?) but he also goes to French hospitals.

But thank God, whoever are the bosses now have appointed Ahmed Ouyahia as the government’s new Prime Minister and the man watches an Algerian TV channel. During yesterday’s press conference and before he answered a journalist’s question, he told him that he knew him because he usually watches his TV show. Yes, the Prime Minister says that he watches Ennahar TV, probably the worst Algerian TV channel. Let’s not get carried away, the other channels are not very far behind (or ahead).

The press conference’s objective was to debrief the journalists on the new/old government’s new/old plan which is supposed to save the country, fix its economy and make it great again (#BekriKhir). And we are told that this new plan, like the previous ones, lays within the president’s program which all past and present governments tried and, one must agree, failed to implement since 1999 (one wonders why). The plan, being an implementation of prophet Bouteflika‘s wishes (here I need to tell you that Algeria’s not the sole country where some idiot thinks that the president is a prophet, Egypt also did it a few days ago and shows us daily how the chita limit can be indefinitely extended), has been approved by the Pouvoir’s puppet parliament. No surprise there.

I actually don’t care, or try not to, and I am not going to speak about it, or try not to. I only watched the short excerpts that my fellow Algerian tweeples shared on Twitter so let me waste spend my time on the equally boring subject of Ouyahia and Ennahar TV. Ennahar, which is privately owned, is used by the Pouvoir as its officious communication channel. The Pouvoir has got the state-owned press agency (APS), TV channels (EPTV group), radio channels and newspapers for its official communication; but Ennahar is there for all the dirty and below the belt stuff.

The Pouvoir appoints Tebboune as PM? Ennahar’s here to tell you how great a PM he is.
The Pouvoir decides to ditch Tebboune? Ennahar’s here to tell you what a useless and corrupt politician he is.
The Pouvoir wants to get rid of Amara Benyounes? Ennahar’s here to say that he betrayed the president’s trust.
The Pouvoir’s upper hand decides to target Chakib Khelil? Ennahar’s here to tell you everything you want, and don’t want, to know about his mischievousness.
The Pouvoir’s upper hand changes and Chakib Khelil’s friends are back in the game? Ennahar’s here to explain how the evil people cowardly targeted the poor man.
Boukrouh writes two empty sentences on his FB wall and Ennahar is here to picture him as a traitor.
The Pouvoir decides to do something and wants the people to look elsewhere. Ennahar’s here to create and feed the least controversies. A task it’s good at.

So the new/old government passes a plan and gets the puppet parliament’s vote but Ennahar journalist doesn’t ask Ouyahia about it. He instead chooses to point at those members of parliament who were absent during the mock vote. You need to understand that criticizing the parliament is good even if it’s the Pouvoir’s parliament; this is Algerian politics basics. And magnanimous Ouyahia is happy to answer and defend the absentees; he says that female MPs were absent because they had to prepare the Hijri New Year’s dinner. And by the way, I have yet to see any video of opponent FFS Salima Ghezali speaking at the APN, or does she have to prepare NY dinner every day?

This is Ennahar for you. And a few days ago, it looks like somebody tasked the channel with a special action: Flood Twitter with tweets praising Bouteflika. I don’t know if they’re training for Bouteflika’s fifth term or was it just a response to Boukrouh’s initiative and others’ calls to impeach the president. Regardless, the Algerian Twitter saw the channel’s journalists give it their all. Here are some captures of what I saw. If you don’t read Arabic, you should thank me for not translating the text because, believe me, it causes nausea.

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