It is so hard to look South!


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I mentioned in my previous post the accounts followed by Algeria’s minister of communication on Twitter and noted that they were telling on where his interests lie. This time I am going to dedicate the whole post to this topic using a newcomer on Twitter, our Minister of Maghrebi affairs, the African Union and the Arab League, Mr. Abdelkader Messahel.

The minister joined Twitter three days ago, and as I write this text he tweeted six times and follows 43 accounts. I expect (and hope) the situation to change in the near future but this post will still be valid as the 43 accounts are the first that he followed.

I pass on his Twitter biography which is in French and not in any of Algeria’s two official languages nor in English. French is still the language of politics, economy, science and pretty much everything within Algeria’s official institutions, and this probably applies to North African and many other African countries. Non-francophone Africa and other Arab countries can go se faire cuire un oeuf as the French would say.

Now Here’s a list of the 43 accounts the minister follows. The first listed being the first followed.

CNN Politics – – Dr. Dlamini Zuma – – The Economist – Time – El Watan – Politico – The White House – TSA Algerie – Chuck Todd – ABC News – HuffPost Politics – The Hill – Algeria Tweet – BBC News World – Agence France Presse – Liberation – Le Figaro – Le Parisien – BFMTV – iTele – 20 Minutes – L’Express – France Diplomatie – Department of State – Homeland Security – Le Point – Elysee – Le Monde – L’OBS – Nations Unies – Radio de l’ONU – CCTVNews – Reuters Top News – CNN Breaking News – BBC Breaking News – Washington Post – Reuters World – APS – The New York Times – The Associated Press – CNN

From Algeria, he follows two media pure players, El Watan and the APS. He doesn’t follow his colleagues nor other organisms which would be related to his mission.

From North Africa he follows… nobody.

From the Arab World he also follows nobody.

From Africa, he only follows Dlamini Zuma, the chairperson of the African Union Commission.

And this is it for institutions, important personalities, press outlets, organisms from the part of the world he’s supposed to work with. The rest of the accounts he follows are all located up North.

He does of course follow two accounts related to the United Nations and also CCTV News which is in the South and is probably interesting as we know China’s growing role in Africa.

And he follows some French and US government institutions for he’s aware that things regarding our part of the World are still decided there, at least for a big part; and many French and American media outlets (plus the BBC), some of which being national/local ones with a low international interest.

I am not saying he shouldn’t follow these accounts, they are probably interesting, but starting with them and following only one account directly related to the minister’s activity zone is very strange to say the least. I also know that it’s not him who’s managing the account but that doesn’t change things or at least it shouldn’t. I only hope that he and the people he works with are more connected to the South than suggested by this account.


5 thoughts on “It is so hard to look South!

  1. Il font de très gros efforts -il faut croire- pour être médiocres et incapables à ce point. ça les écorcherait d’avoir un compte officiel et de bien le gérer? D’avoir une belle vitrine au moins? Faire semblant seulement, même sans y croire vraiment? Oui, ça les écorcherait et non, ça ne les intéresse pas!C’est grave…

    • It is a real disgrace if you ask me. They definitely don’t care and don’t believe in communication (old style or via social media) so I wonder why they created these accounts in the first place. You either do something seriously and in a professional manner or don’t do it.

      The worst thing is what I highlight here is nothing more than the basics that anybody should know about. It’s not rocket science for God sake.

      PS: But the world is fair, one account has 54 followers and the other 70k.

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