Links: Week21’16

In this short article from 2007, former Prime Minister Mouloud Hamrouche tries to explain why the Arab regimes are not democratic.

Algerian journalist and blogger Brahim Senouci reminds us of the skulls of Algerians who resisted the French occupier which are still in French Musée de l’Homme whereas many other groups have requested and recovered their people’s’ skulls. As much as I think that it is stupid and useless to seek a French apology for the colonisation (it’s not Algeria’s business, the French should do it for their own good as a society esp. with French citizens of Algerian descent), I strongly believe that we should request a financial compensation for what this colonisation has cost us and also recover every item/symbol they stole from us including Baba Merzoug and the 37 skulls (among which are Cherif Boubaghla‘s and Sheikh Bouziane‘s) to give them the proper funerals and burial they deserve. Several items have already been given back to us.

Movies can also carry symbols. A 1982 book discusses the way Algerians were depicted in colonial cinematography and the Huffington Post reviewed the book here. I didn’t find the review particularly captivating…

Here is a blog entry which shares a text written by an Algerian a long time ago. It is very interesting because it illustrates with the man’s simple story the issues within French and Algerian Communist parties and their visions on what’s wrong in Algeria: colonialism, class issue, etc. The blog is by the way worth following if you are interested in the blogger’s research area.

Another interesting blog is RURAL-M Études sur la ville – Réalités Urbaines et Recherches en Algérie et au Maghreb. I guess I am boring you with my links about history so consider this one memaking amends.

And as usual, I leave you with a video. It’s from KBC TV (a channel that may disappear if the government does what it said) and discusses the LMD system implementation in Algerian universities. I didn’t have the time to watch it…




2 thoughts on “Links: Week21’16

  1. Sans oublier la restitution du “trésor d’Alger” (voir livre de Pierre Péan “Main basse sur Alger, enquête sur un pillage, juillet 1830”).
    Très intéressants les liens, surtout le blog RURAl. Je ne connaissais pas le livre de Megherbi, très intéressant aussi. ça m’a rappelé un excellent, peut-être le meilleur documentaire sur le sujet du projet et de la vision colonialiste français. A voir absolument !
    Pour la vidéo… je viens juste d’ingurgiter celle d’Echorouk… j’ai pas le courage (pour le moment), même si je cherche à mieux comprendre cette histoire de LMD elli ma f’hamna fih walou :/

    • Absolutely! The treasures and everything they took, and may they never apologize, ybakhrou biha their apology.

      As for the LMD, I don’t know either and I don’t think I’ll gather enough courage to watch the video 🙂
      All I know is what my relatives (who teach in different universities) told me of how they had received requests from upper layers to give better evaluations to their LMD students to make the reform look successful…

      And thanks for the links to the two books, I’ll look them up.

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