Time will come

One of my friends sent me a link to a Kabyle song they liked and asked me to translate the lyrics so they could understand their meaning. I did find the lyrics online (Google spares us a lot of efforts) and as I like the song myself I thought why not share it on the blog. Not only this; I admit that I lack the energy/motivation to write a proper post and wouldn’t like to see this blog vanish.

So here you go. The song’s title is “ad ezzi essa3a” translated into “Time will come” and it is one of Slimane Azem’s songs. I’ve already posted about him and I like his work just as much as I like Dahmane El Harrachi‘s, his alter ego in my opinion.

Before I share the lyrics, below are a few versions of the song by different singers.

Cheikh Sidi Bemol


Samira Brahmia

The Finnish Stina (you can find here her version of Thagrawla’s “Yemma thedda hafi”. The excellent original here.

Many others can be found online. Now, if like my friend, you like the melody and want to understand the text, here they are although not the most accurate (from Cheikh Sidi Bemol’s website) Perhaps time will really come…

You wander in the furnace
As the crowd of your fellow creatures
But you don’t recognize your folks

If you stumble, just watch it
Your starving brother will rush
At your scanty supply

The world is going on its end
It is, like you, exhausted, worn-out
And even time will stop

Mankind is a hive of activity
That bustle about its misfortunes
And science can do nothing against it

God, bring back the wisdom
End injustice
Peace rule the world


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