We don’t live in Sweden!

I know this is not breaking news to you, but I felt it may be useful to say it again and as often as necessary especially when others, such as our PM Sellal, shamelessly compare us to countries of the likes of Germany.

The video in the above link takes us back to earlier this year when Sellal justifies Bouteflika’s fourth term candidacy by the fact Angela Merkel was at her third term as chancellor and says Germany is not better than us. Sellal’s humour is famous (his latest being this one in Egypt) but the man was serious about the elections which led to Bouteflika’s “victory” despite his physical condition.

The system spared us nothing in order to make this happen and, among other things, it made an ugly video clip with many Algerian celebrities (without Fella Ababsa which is probably why she is begging now for food and shelter) chanting their support for the president-candidate-president. The video clip had then been criticized in the press and on social networks; and a TV program’s host (Abdellah Benadouda) even questioned its chroniclers about their participation and made it clear that this bunch of artists received money for it (not breaking news either).

The problem was that the TV program was on a TV channel (DzairTV) owned by Algerian businessman Ali Haddad who was supporting Bouteflika himself and is about to receive another well deserved reward, the Algerian Businessmen Association (FCE). So this man wasn’t happy with his employee and the story ended by the employee being made redundant. In the below video, Abdellah Benadouda tells us about how things happened and, while mentioning political pressures, he says “we do not live in Sweden”.

Now everything is back to normal. Bouteflika is the president again, he is nowhere to be seen, the state TV starts its news by all the messages he seems to send daily to the world leaders, and whenever a rumour (or actual news) of him being dead or in hospital starts, they manage to get one or two foreign ambassadors and make them take “still” videos with him in order to prove that he’s alive and kicking (not that much actually).

At the same time, Sweden had its elections two months ago and a new government was formed with as many men as women. A government with many young ministers and some with foreign descent (It is rare to have ministers from South Algeria in the Algerian government). And I won’t get started about non-political aspects.

Sweden is not perfect and even less the countries such as the ones which directly face us on the other side of the Mediterranean sea. And let’s not go that far, just look at our eastern border and observe the maturity the Tunisians showed during the recent legislative elections.

And now let us ask Sellal’s question again: Are these countries and people better than us?


One thought on “We don’t live in Sweden!

  1. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to read this article ! I’m exhausted and depressed, and what I just read didn’t help me to get better XD

    A badly made propaganda, designed to ignorant and scared people, who makes the majority. A people who don’t understand politic nor economy, a people who don’t know about his history, a people who is ashamed to speak his language because it isn’t “chick” … This is certainly the best people to be governed by all kind of immoral thieves !

    Sorry MnarviDZ, I’m too mnarvi tonight, but I’m an optimist [ don’t have another choice being a Muslim …] and I see beautiful things happening also [http://on.fb.me/1pa2M5z] have you seen any of these ?

    Thank you for the article ! I love your article and I’m expecting something about oil’s falling prices ?!

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