The most influential Algerians in 2014

The last time I posted about influential Algerians was in 2010. Back then I thought I’d make a special post every year but I… simply forgot about it. So here I am back with the 2014 list.

So I checked the 2014/2015 report from the same organization and here are the important only stuff which are related to Algeria:

  • Sheikh Ahmad Tijani Ali Cisse, from Senegal, is ranked 13. He’s not Algerian but the Sufi Order he leads, the Tijaniyya, was founded in Algeria by Ahmed Tijani Elhassani.
  • Mustapha Cherif is still Algeria’s only influential scholar.
  • Abdelaziz Bouteflika and Lakhdar Brahimi are Algeria’s most influential politicians. Anwar Haddam is no longer in the list.
  • Abdellatif Belkaid (leader of the Zawiya Belkaidia El Hebriya) and Abdenacer Elkhiri (leader of the Tariqa Shadhiliya) are mentioned as the most influential “preachers and spiritual guides” in Algeria. Note that Belkaid’s zawiya has been supported by Bouteflika in organising conferences during Ramadhan and which are broadcast on National TV.
  • Ahlam Mosteghanemi is alone in the “arts and culture” category.

Two other persons whom I had never heard of are mentioned in the report: A Dutch-Moroccan-Algerian poet, Rajae Al Mouhandiz, and an (American ?) Algerian Islamic scholar and physicist, Sheikh Mokhtar Maghraoui.

In their “Major Events” category, only one event is related to Algeria is the one about Slimani’s alleged claim that the NT would give $9m to Gaza. The information proved to be a hoax which tells a lot about all these influential this or that reports.

Interestingly enough, I said a similar thing in my 2010 post as I claimed the report was groundless. But this didn’t prevent me and won’t prevent today to create the below poll where Patriots On Fire’s readers, yes you, are invited to select Algeria’s most influential person in 2014. My list is of course not exhaustive so do not hesitate to suggest other names.


3 thoughts on “The most influential Algerians in 2014

  1. I had never heard of Sheikh Mokhtar Maghraoui before but I just listened to a brief talk by him and found it top class! Thanks for bringing him to attention.

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