Ahmed Adhimi and others on El Atlas TV

A quick post to share the videos of two debates shown on El Atlas TV these past days with analyst Ahmed Adhimi who says many sensible things. News just reported that this channel, El Atlas TV, has been visited by the national gendarmerie and its cameras, etc. have been seized. We don’t know the reasons yet.

The videos are in Arabic and some French.


4 thoughts on “Ahmed Adhimi and others on El Atlas TV

  1. Thank you Mnarvi for sharing this debate. It remains to be seen whether these voices and the like will help [this time around] to topple a really sick regime 🙂

    • I am not sure eljin.
      The regime, perhaps because it is scared or disunited, has become bolder these past weeks/months and doesn’t try any more to preserve the appearances. El Atlas TV shut-down yesterday, the dispersal of Barakat’s sit-ins while guignolesque Nekkaz’s assembly was allowed, Benyounes’ statements, the very candidacy of Bouteflika… I feel all these wouldn’t have been possible a few months ago.
      And it looks to me like the regime is doing all it can to cause an explosion. The question is why.

      • ”The question is why”
        I do not believe that there will be any explosion any time soon. But we never know for sure. So, may be in the desperate hope (their last?) that the street will sort it out just like in 1988 I would recall. Or to bring up a situation where the military are forced to come out etc… ‘Khallat’ha Tassfa’, some pro incumbent might be thinking at the moment. Some of them might also be thinking ‘Rayhin Rayhin lla kheir endirouh!’ These guys have always been rather primitif and quite nasty ultimately!
        Another important question in my opinion is, why the genuine opposition including the religious ‘mouvance’ are so pathetically divided for years now?failing to… well you know what I mean. I see no reason for this state of affairs except corruption, a stubborn selfishness and here we are again back to the quantum question of Algeria: Are we, its people capable of changing the course of things peacefully or have we become so gregarious?

        • You raise an important question about the opposition. The genuine opposition is too weak and its members don’t seem to realise that they need to unite and put aside their divergences, at least for a moment. A few days ago I read this tweet by Hakim Laalam which illustrates the opposition’s inability to accept and work with those they disagree with. Plus some, as you say, think they hold the truth and are the only ones capable of fixing the country… which makes them very similar to Bouteflika.

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