What is going on between Hitler and some Algerians?

1545820_590754907646570_1897606321_nYou cannot have escaped it. If you are Algerian and/or follow Algerian content on Facebook and YouTube then you must have come across pictures and videos made by Algerians and which depict their authors’ idea of what Hitler would have thought of Algeria and its people.

The picture to the right says “Hitlerian like” and I found it posted on Facebook by somebody who probably felt that hitting the Like button was not enough. But this example is not what the other videos and pictures are about.

Many Algerians online (and elsewhere) like to show how special Algeria and its people are. The Special One would realise his mistake should he get to know us. And this specialness is not always in a positive way; Algerians are a proud people yet very self-deriding and as much as they like to boast about their positive traits they are aware of their flaws and laugh at them.

The major topic the Hitler/Algerians videos and pictures deal with is how this specialness makes us a people that is impossible to invade/control. You’d say we have been invaded quite a few times but you’d be answered that we kicked every invader’s ass. So even Hitler, the man who was about to rule the World, would have been unable to control us and he says so in many of these videos and pictures. This video summarizes most of what you could see on Facebook. It is in Arabic and forgive me, I am not going to give a translation, the text is too silly already.

Downfall has been very successful among Algerians on YouTube. Many of the movie’s scenes have been diverted, subbed and dubbed to convey a totally different content. The below video is about Hitler learning that Bouteflika’s ill (it was last summer) and here is a video where Hitler speaks about what the Algerians say about him on Facebook.

Anyway, you can google Hitler and Algeria and you’ll get plenty results. Some are funny and many are not. But why is this happening?

It looks like these people are fascinated by the man. I remember when I was in high schools, some comrades used to think highly of Hitler. Two reasons at least can be found: the hatred his showed todays the Jews (Jews -> Israel -> Palestine, or is it the other way around) and the fact his troops invaded France which occupied our country during 132 years. Our Arabic literature teacher, who always spoke in Classical Arabic, used to tell us in French (as if it was the original version and Hitler said it in French) that Hitler said, “Les Arabes sont la derniere race sur terre apres les chiens et les crapauds”. I never cared to check whether he ever said it.

The strange thing is that I don’t feel this fascination in Algeria and it seems it’s restricted to the internet. I don’t know the profiles of the people making these videos/pictures and I wonder if other countries have something similar.


8 thoughts on “What is going on between Hitler and some Algerians?

  1. I am Algerian, it’s hard to explain but I’ll do my best,
    It all started about 3 years ago, after it was shared on facebook that Hitler once said: i can’t invade algeria because it has “Arbi Ben M’hidi” who is a true Algerian hero, but 90% he never said that, then the pages’ admins started to make fun using that base, like: I can’t invade a people who has a plastic bag full of plastic bags at home” which is common in all Algerian houses, and other stuff like that that only true Algerians get the joke and find it funny
    And about praising Hitler, we just kind of like him because he hates jews “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” that’s all.
    And about Hitler, only few people realize that he hated us arabs so bad but who cares, he didn’t harm us and he’s dead
    I hope that solved your mistery! PEACE!

  2. Well, you need first to be a true algerian who understands fully the political and economical problems the Algerians face everyday. Second, you need to have a real great sense of humor mixed with a high cultural level to understand!
    Like Algerians, they are really great people! Trust me 😉

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