PoF_Fourth_YearNo, I am not going to speak about Bouteflika’s fourth presidential term nor am I going to analyse Egypt’s Ikhwan. WordPress just sent the notification shown in the picture so I decided to dedicate a post to this “achievement” and share some statistics.

The blog hasn’t been very active this past year and even less as of late. July and September have been blank. So only 36 posts have been published since November 2013 which is less than one post a week.

I was thinking I’d try to explain or analyse it but I cannot be bothered. Perhaps it is the very reason why I posted less. Anyway, I said I’d give you numbers so here you go.

The blog’s Facebook page got a few new subscribers (do we say likers?), many of whom seem to be Guelma university students. The page is now followed by 176 people.
97 other readers subscribed to the blog on WordPress and I believe (many) more follow it through other RSS tools.
I won’t mention algerianna’s and my Twitter accounts which are more “personal”.

The Flag Counter tells us the blog readers connected from 159 different countries. Algeria, the US, France, the UK, Canada and the UAE top the list. The map below shows our past year’s visitors’ locations.

mapNow which posts did our valuable visitors like most? Here is a list of the 20 posts which have been viewed (and hopefully read) most in the past year:

Nobel Peace Price and the Dolphin – There is almost not a day without someone googling “Algeria Nobel candidate”. Weird!
16 April, day of knowledge
Book Review: A Dying Colonialism
Fighting against corruption in Algeria – A very old post.
The Kingdom of Algiers needs a hospital – First if we consider this past year’s posts only.
Ennahar TV
Wardia Hamitouche
Messaoud Zeggar (or Zeghar)
AQIM works for the DRS. Really?
Satirical Election Candidate National Contest
Algeria launched ALSAT-2A
Links: Algerian Female Bloggers
Algerian women serve no purpose
Athmane Ariouat
Links: Algerian Blogs In English
El haik and debates
An Algerian in Japan
More money = Better work? Not in Algeria!
Poll: Is there a marriage crisis in Algeria?
What is the ‘nif algérien’ really about? – This one had to be in the list.

As usual, most of the readers do not leave comments. Oumelkhir, Chatnoir and LSW are our biggest contributors.

This is it. The year ahead is going to be interesting with the presidential elections and the FIFA World Cup. But politics and football are not our sole field of interest and it is safe to expect other topics as well. However, I cannot promise to post on a regular basis especially with my candidacy to replace Bouteflika.

Being politically correct and… polite, I guess I should thank you all for reading us, for commenting, for sharing and for visiting.


7 thoughts on “Four!

      • Happy birthday PoF!!!
        I actually like these stats posts. Big Hello to university of Guelma students. I guess they are all anglophiles and they like reading about Algeria on the net (errm, right).

        Hopefully the coming year will be more productive.

  1. I have a couple of people from Indonesia who visit my blog almost daily. I really want to write them and ask them: Why are you folks so interested in my blog since i never wrote anything about Asia? They never leave any comments, but they link whatever i write to their facebook pages. I am really curious. I thought they might Algerians until i visited their facebook pages and found out that they mostly write in English and Indonesian/Malay language. No Arabic or French.

    So, curiosity curiosity 🙂

      • I was really tough on the pro-Sisi Egyptian crowd who visit the blog. I after i engaged with them for a while, I decided to stop posting their nonsense. But that didn’t stop them from coming. In the month of June/July and until recently, they were coming out in drove, by the 1000s. One thing they have in common, they hate me LOL

        But those Indonesians, i called them my “mysterious couple” because they almost systematically link whatever i write to their facebook pages…

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