PoF Leak: Mubarak’s memoirs

Algeria’s Fennec foxes will face the Burkina tomorrow in a qualification game for next year’s World Cup in Brazil. Algeria has lost in the first leg but still holds all its chances to qualify in Blida’s Tchaker stadium.

And it is exactly four years since the 2010 World Cup qualifiers and the game held between Algeria and Egypt in Um Darman. Algeria won that game and qualified for the World Cup.
It is also four years since we started this blog and I am surprised we kept it alive that long. The blog wasn’t the only thing that began with the Algeria/Egypt game. Algerian people suddenly reunited and patriotism took them over, the regime proved it was capable of achieving unusual stuff and some dreamers thought both the government and the population would raise and develop the country. They realised they were wrong soon enough and nothing really changed in the country.

But things did change.. in  Egypt. Mubarak is no longer the president and his son hasn’t taken his seat. Sometimes a defeat yields more energy and motivation than a victory.

You may want to this blog and read November 2009’s posts. They were funny and yet they attempted to analyse those events. If you are too busy, I suggest that you only read the below text.

Patriots on Fire’s sources told us that Hosni Mubarak started writing his memoirs about a year ago. He writes in Egyptian Arabic but our sources were able to get and provide us with the translated draft which he sent to a British publishing house. Today I post excerpts where he speaks of the Algeria/Egypt crisis.

I will not forget the game in Um Darman and I will not forgive the Algerians for what they did to me. The reader may think it was but a football game but the reader doesn’t know everything.
As much as Algerians believe that the events of May 1945 triggered their war of independence which started on November 1st, 1954 after France’s defeat in Vietnam, I think that my team’s defeat in Um Darman triggered my “demise” which followed Ben Ali’s.

I remember I had called Bouteflika before the game in Egypt and explained the situation. He said he’d look into the matter and let me know. But then there was that bus episode. My sons didn’t know subtlety, neither did my friends on our stupid TV channels. A bunch of useless people.

An Algerian singer declared he witnessed the death of an Algerian supporter and things couldn’t be helped any longer. He was lying. I just watched an Algerian program – the new regime’s torture program includes forcing me to watch Algerian channels, and saw the same singer declared he shook hands with Michael Jackson. Too bad we didn’t know him back then. So Bouteflika’s nif grew bigger and he refused to help me no matter the tears I cried. We chose Sudan to host the final game and sent our famous artists but nobody expected the Algerians would send that many supporters. Damn their oil and their nif.


The defeat was bitter. I saw no escape but to call for national unity against the Algerian barbarians. My TVs proved useful in the beginning and my gullible people swallowed it all. The football team even won the African Championship beating the Algerians. Things looked unexpectedly good until something went wrong. I have yet to figure it out.

I remember I called Bouteflika around November 2010. He was still angry at me and said “ya3tik darba”. I didn’t understand it but knew it wasn’t nice. Today I think it’s a curse which led me where I am now. I will keep thinking and may come back to this chapter with deeper analyses.

This is all I felt fit to share. Perhaps one day I’ll share some other lines. Now it is the time to put on my Algerian football fan hat and wish good luck to our team. Hope you like the two videos below.


3 thoughts on “PoF Leak: Mubarak’s memoirs

  1. Glad to hear from the defeated perfidious enemy.

    Wonder why 18 november is not a public holiday… Glory to our players, Glory to Antar Yahya, glory to reda city and all our respected heroes.

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