The Gardeners National Rally

Amar Saidani, announced a few days ago that Bouteflika’s going to be the FLN’s candidate in the upcoming 2014 presidential elections. The FLN Secretary General talks a lot since he got to his new position and the more people talk the less I listen, although I don’t think I’d listened to Amar Saidani in the first place.
But Bouteflika is not the only one to make noise – I know the man is actually silent, another potential candidate also made the news last week. Rachid Nekkaz, a businessman who failed to gather the 500 endorsements for French presidential elections in 2007, just ditched his French citizenship as a first step to run for office in Algeria. Check out his website.

I realize that, as a potential candidate myself, I need to make the headlines as often as possible. My silence in the past months on this blog didn’t help and I am not as active as I should be on Twitter. This is why I am taking the opportunity of being on the eve of Algeria’s celebration of the 1954/1962 Revolution to announce the founding of my party.


There are already plenty of parties (and party names) in the country which made it difficult to find a name for mine. Luckily my various readings (note that I am not like most Algerian politicians who do not read) came in handy. Ukrainian novelist Andrey Kurkov wrote in his latest book “The gardener from Ochakov” that

People can be divided into two categories, according to the way they naturally relate to the world around them: gardeners and foresters. Gardeners essentially see the world as a garden, in which it is their responsibility to behave appropriately, to fix whatever is broken, to decorate whatever is built and to keep order. Foresters, on the other hand, prefer an uncultivated environment. They are more inclined to break things and live in disorder than to build, renovate or repair. Foresters are more ruthless, but they are also physically stronger and more robust. They believe that it is impossible to change the world, whereas gardeners are always trying to improve it. Most men are foresters and most women are gardeners. Male gardeners are able-bodied but often lack tenacity in their undertakings and the courage of their convictions.

This is for the “Gardeners” part. “National” is because I want to devote it to Algeria’s best interest, and “Rally” as in “a gathering, especially one intended to inspire enthusiasm for a cause” which is exactly how I want my party to be.


The reason behind the creation of this party is simple: As a candidate I feel the need of a party to support me during the campaign, I need its infrastructure, national deployment, members and finance. I know that I still lack most of the prerequisites to becoming a president and the supports specifically required in Algeria but this is first step.
Another reason, on the longer term, is explained below.


Reach a balance between gardeners and foresters in Algeria and become the country’s first party.


Patriotism (we’re on Patriots On Fire after all), Openness, Generosity and Hope.

Mission & Goals

To provide Algeria with qualified gardeners at local and national levels in order to fix the country’s situation and make it a better country to live for its people.

Some useful information

The gardeners and foresters definitions above show that Algeria is full of the latter: most Algerian men and a big deal of women are foresters. It is therefore expected that the party’s first members will be females. This is in line with the current trend on having more women in Algeria’s political ecosystem. Knowing that they’re less interested in the matter than men, I am considering the installation of a TV tuned on SamiraTV in each of our future offices.

I believe each of us, foresters included, have a gardener inside us. The party will try to rally everyone aware of this and who wants to have an inner balance for their and Algeria’s best interest. Also, the party doesn’t aim at the suppression of foresters. Gardeners, especially the men, “lack the courage of their convictions” as stated in the definition. We believe therefore that we must work together with the foresters who share our values in order to achieve our goals.

I would like to stress that this party will target every life aspect. It is not just about politics; we need gardeners everywhere: teachers, managers, imams, journalists, bankers, craftsmen, footballers and even actual gardeners (yes many of today’s gardeners are foresters!)

This is it for now. Please join me and hail the Gardeners National Rally!


5 thoughts on “The Gardeners National Rally

  1. I would like to stress that this party will target every life aspect.

    Sounds a bit scary that – totalitarian whiff.
    How old are you? What have you done till now to demonstrate commitment to Algeria? Have you participated in the revolution? Why should we vote for you?

    The party name is very nice though. What would it be in Arabic?

    • I admit it sounds like a totalitarian project but it is not. The idea is not to convert all Algerians into gardeners. It is about promoting the gardener’s part which is hidden or blocked so that those who are naturally gardeners stop being foresters.

      I gave answers to some of your questions in my candidacy post. I see Rachid Nekkaz mentioned his FLN activist parents, etc. I don’t want to do the same.

      I didn’t find a nice name in Arabic. Hesitating between التجمع الوطني للبستانيين and التجمع الوطني للجنائنيين.

      • Do you remember “البساني”؟
        أراه في الصباح
        يعمل بانشراح
        يقلم الأشجار
        let it be your anthem 🙂
        Very nice project, I vote!

        • Oh thanks for the anthem. Are gardeners not great and useful beings!
          You may want to create the first support committee where you are 🙂

  2. belive me, I’m at the right place to create it 🙂 I’ll try, but no guarantees about the outcome, as you know the competition is fierce (even among gardeners :/)

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