Let us send them to Mars

Algerian Nidhal Guessoum wrote a short piece on Mars and the people who want to go there. He praised the human spirit which, bright and lively as it can be, “pushes us boldly forward for the unknown”. Guessoum wrote in his article that there was one applicant from Algeria. I was surprised; I know my people are interested in what is Up North but I didn’t think they were curious about what is… just Up. So I checked the applicant’s profile and video and, well, I don’t know about you, but the girl may live in Algeria but I don’t think she is Algerian…

I confess I do not have this adventurous spirit. I may have left my country at a relatively young age and travelled since to many other countries without knowing the languages, etc. but there is no chance I’d take any vehicle that goes beyond the Troposphere.
But I am a physicist and a big fan of Stargate SG1so I had to give this space travelling thing a small thought.

Mars is considered by many as the planet that will save humanity after Earth collapses. And as it is short on resources, “humanity” must select who among its members would be sent there. I remember one episode of Stargate SG1 where our planet was about to be invaded and the US had to evacuate. They of course selected the US president, his family, etc. but also some scientists (in every possible field) and even musicians (it tells you how the Americans value art). I am sure you saw this pattern in many movies.

I dare hope that in such critical circumstances, the US and their friends would let selected people from other weaker countries go to Mars. In which case, we as Algerians, would be free to select those we want to save. Then how would we do?

Algeria, always careful to look like a democracy, would probably organize a national election to vote for the “Selection Body” members. We’d have elections as free (read rigged) and democratic (read rigged again) as those we had last year and those we’re going to have next year. The campaigns would involve big amounts of money. Supporting committees’ members would make sure a place in the vehicle is granted as a reward for their support. More than in any previous elections, supporting the wrong candidate would have disastrous consequences. Everybody would try to find out who the DRS’s favourites are.

On my side, just like I stopped turning up on election days – I voted only once when I was 18, I wouldn’t take part into what would be the last election in Algeria. I would actually go further; I’d call to save time and money and just leave it to our rulers to organise everything. Do they not know better?!
And to tell the truth, I believe it would be best for us, even on a threatened Planet Earth, to be left alone, finally. We’ve been living normally without a president for 43 days now, we know already that we can live without a government, and I really don’t want the new colonists on Mars to live without such talented artists.

So send them all to Mars and leave us alone!




6 thoughts on “Let us send them to Mars

  1. if that happens, it’ll be independence day for Algerians… at last! but we have to make sure all current political and religious leaders and their stooges and supporters, are on board just to give us a real break.

  2. J’ai eu connaissance de Nidhal Guessoum récemment en faisant une recherche sur ‘’Big-Bang et Coran’’. (Quelqu’un de ma famille me dit que le Big-Bang était déjà mentionné dans le Coran et j’étais curieux de connaître l’explication originelle).

    Google étant ce qu’il est, je suis aussi tombé sur ce site http://www.nourfoundation.com/events/Science-and-the-Search-for-Meaning/Can-Islam-and-Science-Coexist.html. Il comporte une série d’entrevues avec des scientifiques musulmans dont Nidhal Guessoum vers la 12ième minute. Je laisse apprécier les questions-réponses par ceux qui comme moi ne connaissaient pas cet astrophysicien.

    Le fait que son nom soit revenu dans ce post sur le voyage vers Mars, m’a incité à visiter son site. http://nidhalguessoum.org/.

    Son dernier article est en fait celui-ci http://gulfnews.com/opinions/columnists/being-literate-in-science-critical-in-today-s-world-1.985308

    Après l’avoir lu et m’étant rappelé l’interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wimB-5GCfCI sur Le dernier livre lu par les députés algériens
    Je me suis demandé : quel serait le niveau de connaissances scientifiques de nos enseignants et de nos prédicateurs aujourd’hui? Un quiz, similaire à celui du maître Guessoum, serait un bon moyen de sélection des candidats pour Mars pour nous débarrasser ainsi des suceurs de moelle.

    • Merci eljin pour les liens.
      Guessoum est quelqu’un que j’apprecie et dont le travail est a mon sens important et utile pour les Musulmans, pourvu que les gens le lisent.

      L’article sur Gulf News est interessant. Un minimum d’education scientifique est evidemment utile a chacun d’entre nous. Une education civique, politique et… philosophique l’est tout autant. L’article montre que la premiere manque en Occident tout comme, je l’imagine, elle manque chez nous. Mais le reste manque egalement.
      Pour compenser ces manques, nous avons en Algerie un sens critique tres aigu mais il disparait des que des sentiments tels que le patriotisme, egocentrisme, nif, etc. apparaissent. Et ils apparaissent tres souvent et tres vite…

      Un dernier point qui fait defaut chez nous est que ceux qui sont au pouvoir, et qui ne savent pas, ne s’entourent pas toujours de gens qui savent. C’est la pire des configurations.

      • La pire des configuration en effet. Mais jusqu’à quel point un homme de savoir comme Nidhal Guessoum pourra-t-il s’exprimer librement avant d’être accusé d’hérétique et condamné?

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