PoF Leak: African animals in Paris

I have always considered French apology or repentance for what it did in Algeria as a strictly French affair. This is why I haven’t written about Francois Hollande’s visit to Algeria and his recognition of Algerian suffering during the colonial era. Also, the fact everyone I follow on Twitter kept mentioning it that day saturated me.

During that visit and besides the disgraceful walkabouts in Algiers and Tlemcen, Bouteflika offered the French president a painting by Baya Mahieddine and two Barb horses (Samy and Sedja). Hollande’s present included an old book written by Jean-Joseph Léandre Bargès and a Sevres Porcelain sculpture of an Arabian horse. I should add the new Renault plant and the shale gas exploration agreement (to be confirmed) to the list of presents Hollande had received but some of you may disagree.

Anyway, I am writing this today to share with you a new PoFLeak information which I just received.

You probably know that the Malians, thankful to Papa Hollande, Tonton Fabius and Mama la France, offered their French liberator a camel (I don’t know its name so let’s call it Grouchy). PoF sources say this camel didn’t travel alone from Timbuktu to Paris; it was accompanied by another animal captured by the French soldiers as a souvenir of their intervention, a serval they named Servy.
Hollande wanted to have these animals in the Elysée but his secret services advised to keep them away for sometime till they are cleared. French intelligence services fear these animals are trained spy agents and that’s why they put them in a hidden farm and are monitoring them day and night. The below is a partial transcription of a record made by these services.

Sedja: Nobody told me we’d be quarantined for several weeks. I thought I was lucky I was selected to go to Paris and here I am regretting Tiaret and the Algerian weather.
Samy: Tell me about it. I was told I’d become a member of the French Studs but it seems Barbs cannot be admitted. They say we are too different and cannot be assimilated.
Sedja: Do you think they plan to send us to Romania?
Samy: I don’t think so. I believe they’ll use me just like they did with Ouassal, the stallion Boumediene offered to Valery Giscard d’Estaing. I’ll give a new meaning to assimilation.

Sedja: Hey Grouchy, why are you silent? Do you miss your country?
Grouchy: No. I am very happy to be here. It’s just these bugs which keep bothering me. Help me Samy.
Samy: No way. I went through a radical daily cleansing method for several months and I don’t want to be infected again. Rouh ba3adni.
Servy: I can help I can help I can help!
Sedja: Why is this lesqa intruding…

Grouchy: Help me Servy. I have a feeling you are a nice guy.
Servy: Hey Samy, I need to urinate on Grouchy. I don’t want to get dirty I cannot aim correctly if I am too close. Let me do it from above you.
Samy: Alright but be careful! And do not tell Sedja, you know she doesn’t like you.

Grouchy: Thank you Servy. I am soaked and smell awfully bad now but I do not feel the bugs any more.
Samy: Darn! There are some bugs around my right eye.
Sedja: And you smell like Grouchy. What happened?
Servy: Samy helped me help Grouchy. And I think some drops of my urine fell on him.
Samy: I told you it was our secret.
Sedja: I am not surprised. And you dare compare yourself to Ouassal. Stallions takher zaman
Sedja: Hey guys, I know you are watching us. I want to go to Romania.

Our source doesn’t say whether these animals are still quarantined or not. It doesn’t say what Hollande is going to do with them. One thing is sure, I believe animal sculptures and books should have been enough.


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