Azzedine Meddour

I was still a boy when my interest in History started. An Algerian TV program, called “Facts and Facts“, accompanied me during that period and I still have vivid memories of it.

This program was directed by Azzedine Meddour and presented by Mhamed Benguettaf. It was an unusual way of relating the major historical facts of the 20th century.

Azzedine Meddour was born on May 8th, 1947 in Sidi-Aich, Bejaia, and there he completed his primary and secondary schooling.
He studied French Literature at the university of Algiers and then went to Moscow to study cinematography in the oldest film school in the world, the VGIK. There he met and married Russian Erina in 1977. They had two daughters.

Back to Algeria in 1978, he worked for the Algerian Television and then for the ENPA (Entreprise Nationale de Production Audiovisuelle) starting from 1980.

In 1993 he became a partner at Imago Production, a production company, and produced his first and famous film, Baya’s Mountain. 13 members of the movie crew died in an explosion caused by a butane gas bottle during the filming in Bouzeguene.
He also founded the RAIS (Rally of Artists, Intellectuals and Scientists) and became the vice-president of the ARPA (Association of Algerian directors-producers).

Azzedine Meddour died on May 16th, 2000 and is buried in Timezrit, Bejaia.

His work, which includes documentaries, short and long films, received many awards, making him an important figure of the Algerian cinematography.

1975 : La Gavotte
1976 : The message to year 2000’s descendants
1978 : Colonialism without an empire: Algeria
1980 : The new crusades, 1st Prize at the Festival of Cairo, 1st Prize at the Festival of Ouagadougou
1981 : Vacant properties
1982 : The little girl and the butterfly
1983 : Between us, Special Jury Prize in Prague, mention at the Festival of Monte-Carlo
1985 : How much I love you, 1st Prize at the New York Film Festival
1986 : Polisario, year 15
1988 : A Survivor’s Tale
1990 : Facts and facts
1991 : Tiklat’s legend
1992 : Djurdjura
1993 : The golden jackal, Young Audience Award at Palaiseau
1997 : Baya’s mountain, Audience Award at the Venise Film Festival. This movie received and still receiving many other awards
1998 : Silent pain, Adolf Grimme Preis.

You can read here an interesting interview given by Azzedine Meddour about Baya’s mountain. And click on the links to watch Baya’s mountain and some episodes of Facts and facts. Below is Silent pain documentary, a must watch.


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