Athmane Ariouat

Every time Algeria holds its local elections, a movie comes to my mind and probably to many of my compatriots’. I am speaking of Carnaval fi dechra (watch here) and its main character Makhlouf el Bombardi portrayed by Athmane Ariouat.

Athmane Ariouat was born in M’doukal, Batna. At the age of 10, his family moved to Algiers where he studied at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique d’Alger between 1969 and 1972. He also took Arabic theatre courses under Mustapha Kasdarli’s supervision. The rest of his biography can be found on Wikipedia (Ar, Fr) or in this video.

I cannot remember when I first saw him in a movie. It was either in Cheikh Bouamama (he had the leading role playing Cheikh Bouamama) or in one of l’inspecteur Tahar movies. Besides the three movies I mentioned above, Athmane Ariouat starred in other equally famous comedies/dramas:

Athmane Ariouat is one of my preferred Algerian comedians and I can watch the above films a hundred times. Unfortunately, like many good things, he’s completely disappeared. He’s been working on a new movie for many years now. Its said to be three hours long and its title changed several times from Chroniques des annees pub to el3arsh. An Italian company is apparently adapting it to be shown on TV so we may get the chance to watch it soon.

I didn’t know which excerpt to post here but I finally opted for a classic.


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