The president watches France24

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I guess this means a video is worth a whole book, right?
Let us then watch this 55 seconds long video and write down the messages it conveys.

Here I go.

  • The Algerian élite uses a foreign language even when discussing basic things.
  • Bouteflika is in Algeria.
  • Bouteflika is alive. The video is actually not intended to give this information as the system denies the rumours on Bouteflika’s death through meetings between the president and foreign diplomats or ministers.
  • When the president asks a question the answer is always yes.
  • Bouteflika watches France24. He doesn’t watch any Algerian TV channel, not even Ennahar TV.
  • If somebody says something you don’t like it just means they do not have a clue. Isn’t it Khalida?
  • “Made in France” is a guarantee of quality and professionalism. When Khalida says “those who said that don’t know what a museum is” the president replies with “it’s France24!” And the minister backs down and accuses the locals who must have mislead the professional French journalists.
  • The minister lies to the president. Algerians do indeed not read and many bookshops are closing down.
  • The president is not gullible and his “peu importe” is well deserved.

This is it for now. It’s less than 200 words and I guess hada ma 3ta Rabbi. Peu importe…


22 thoughts on “The president watches France24

    • Bennabi in one of his conferences (available on Youtube) said that, as a Muslim, he believed the Islamic World would get better. But as a sociologist he wanted to know why it’s not improving right now and what to do to speed things up. So what to do to make the “before…” part of your message come sooner?

  1. إطمئن سيدي الرئيس،إطمئن. كل شيء على ما يرام…الشباب، يداه لا تفرقها الكتب

    • إطمئنان الرئيس هو غاية كل المسؤولين. رئيس مطمئن يعني حياة سعيدة ورغدة للجميع.
      عليك أن تطمئن وتسعد يا Matrix.
      Masfoufa sounded a bit odd 🙂

      • Masfoufa sounded a bit odd 🙂

        لك أن تطمئن يا منارفي أنت كذلك، المصفوفة بخير والحمدلله …فقط أدركت بتشاؤمها المعتاد حقيقة الواقع المعيش الذي لم ولن يتغير.

  2. La dernière fois que je suis allé dans un musée en Algérie date de décembre 2011. J’y ai emmené un groupe d’enfants de ma famille. Nous étions le seuls visiteurs, absolument les seuls et c’est un grand musée… Ah oui! y avait pléthore de gardiens qui parlaient fort genre : “Ya 3ammar jibe m3ak gazouza ou zouj qhawi!”… Pour l’ambiance feutrée des msuées d’ailleurs, faut pas rêver…

    Pour la lecture des jeunes, no comment.

    Pour les deux menteurs qui affirment éhontément des fait dont tout le monde sait qu’ils sont faux, no comment

    Pour le fait que le président d’un pays apprenne l’état de son pays par un chaîne étrangère et demande des comptes à ses concitoyens “responsables”. No comment.

    3la bladna meskina…. une larme.

    • J’ai voulu pour une fois prendre la chose avec un certain degre de legerete et te voila avec tes no comment et ta larme qui plombe l’atmosphere.

      Ils mentent. Il sait qu’il mentent. Nous savons qu’ils mentent. Nous savons qu’il sait… Bref, un monde de dupes dans lequel nous vivons.
      Je verse une larme egalement.

  3. I think this video is awesome. Mostly because of all the information you’ve already extracted from it, like the first thing that poped in my head was : “huh, okay, he’s alive. But he can hardly speak, oh boy, Is he gonna pass out after the next sentence?”.

    My opinion. All what قط أكحل said is saddly right, i guess we all agree on that. Speaking of reading, ive read a paper on El watan a couple of years ago, where they stated only 10% of algerian people read about 10 books per year.

    Mnarvi, you said : “So what to do to make the “before…” part of your message come sooner?”

    Maybe, it’s simplistic. Maybe this is not the perfect answer, and surely all over the world people tend to read less, but i guess it might help if teachers at school started asking their students to read books and not only abstracts. When i was au CEM wa9t le système fondamental, i got two reading assignments in 3 years, one in arabic, the other one in french. They were not even mandatory. I had chosen to read a book over doing the summary of a movie…In Annaba, there’s one public library, located downtown, renovated 3-4 years ago fi ‘9asr ata9afa’. It used to look like a mental institution. While works took 10 years to be finished, students had to go to CCF, as their last option.

    That being said, i think it can’t get worse. Besides, the last time i went to the SILA, it was packed with young people, conferences were organized, and any project, any political effort that aims to encourage reading is very, very welcome.

    • 10% of algerian people read about 10 books per year

      Looks exaggerated to me!

      I’ve never been to any CCF any Algeria but they seem to be very lively, and perhaps, one of the major “cultural” active institutions in the country. Wonder to what extent my statement is correct…

      I agree any effort, from the state, the publishers, the authors, schools, etc. is welcome. A few months ago in a bookshop in Bejaia, one customer was about to buy a book but none of those he wanted was below 500DZD. Too expensive for him. Books price is high vs. income and that’s where municipal libraries should help…

  4. !راك ردت نرفيتــــني يا منرفي

    Unfortunately Algerian people and more precisely the Algerian leadership perceive the World through a very narrow window called France. No wonder why Boutef is concerned about Algerians accessing cultural outlets (that we don’t have); is it not true that Boutef’s KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are represented by reports from France24/TF1, Le Monde and Liberation newspapers. Notice though that عائض القرني and الشروق products are mostly what Algerians read. As matter of fact, what cultural refinement would you get with K. Messaoudi heading the Ministry of Culture, Benbouzid driving the education destiny of our pupils and Hraoubia is the one putting the last touches on our future elite?


    • Welcome tanwine,
      etnarva wahdek ya kho, I cannot be blamed!

      Are you opposing Le Monde&Liberation to Echourouk&3aidh Elqarni? 🙂

      And funny you mention our rulers’ KPIs… They must be very complex and unreadable, and I don’t think they could be represented by a French TV report.

      • Saha Mnarvi. ya weddi manich mnarvi 3lik. Anyhow I like your posts and people’s comments around here.

        I realized I may be out of the focus of the initially debated ideas, but for what is worth … No I am not opposing these to those — although big differences are there. I was pointing to the 20 years of — excuse my french — crappy governance which led us to the culture of the sensationalism found in Echourouk and alike. And that’s pretty much what represent our culture. And that’s pretty much what people are reading.

        As for the KPI including those for culture and education, these are simple and known to whoever really want to assess the state of the nation. Unfortunately Bouteflika and associates are only interested in what the french media reports on us.


        • Thanks tanwine.

          We tend to blame the past 20 years and there’s no denying they’ve been very bad in almost every aspect but I wouldn’t spare the previous years.
          Sensationalism is sought out quite everywhere thanks to globalisation. The problem is we seem to have all the negatives of developed countries and none of their positives.

  5. Here are my comments :
    – The France 24 report doesn’t speak about “reading” but about “visiting museums”.
    – It’s about the “beaux-arts” museum, not another one.
    – Perhaps, algerians are not so interested by visting this museum, more than anyother one because it’s sooooooo “frenchy”.
    – We can read a lot and don’t visit museums as much, so what’s the link between reading and visiting museums?
    – Certainly the algerians are not very interested by visiting “beaux-arts” museum, even if the ticket is cheaper than potatoes 😉

    • Welcome MAMA(houm)
      I thought you were the director of the MAMA or something then I read (houm) 🙂

      Now you’re looking at the video from another perspective. It’s Bouteflika who brought the program up while asking about reading in Algeria. I don’t know about what the link was for him, perhaps two aspects of cultural activity?

      I’ve never been to the MAMA or les beaux-arts so I cannot tell about their frenchy-ness. Do you think the Moudjahid’s museum gets more visitors?

      All in all, I agree on your last statement. Potatoes are definitely more vital.

      • The “beaux-arts” museum is soooo frenchy, but the MAMA is sooooooo ugly 😛 did you see it on the “France 24 report”? They painted all the woods in white only to make it “adaptable” to “modern art”, but it’s really ugly.
        It certainly got more vistors I think than the first one because it’s on the Ben Mhidi Street. As I said there is no link between reading and visting museums, of course it was not a question for you, and you are a very nice example as you said that you didn’t visit those museums. Through your blog we can see that you read a lot. CQFD 😉

        • you are a very nice example as you said that you didn’t visit those museums. Through your blog we can see that you read a lot.

          A “great Algerian poet” (I read poetry too) wrote once “rak mrid nta t3anedni ana” 🙂

          Seriously, regardless of the differences between visiting museums and reading, I think most Algerians practice neither. 🙂

  6. I have only been to three museums in Algeria; they are not well maintained, very small, and hardly interesting (very cheap entry fee though). Having said that, I don’t find French museums interesting either (except for the Louvre). I think that our museums would certainly benefit from taking a leaf out of the British museums book. They are fun to visit, and both kids and adults find them interesting.

      • I was really confused by that video..

        Yep the elections are in their last stretch. Drop by, read and comment.

        By the way, i will be live-blogging the results as they drop by state by state. So, you would like to link, be my guest.

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