Let the countdown begin

Our Spring is Algeria” was the official slogan of last May’s legislative elections. It was a message from the rulers to all those, inside and outside the country, who wanted to see a real change in the Algerian political ecosystem through a process similar to what happened in Tunisia, Egypt or, why not, Libya and Syria.

Our rulers, who compared the May 10th, 2012 to November 1st, 1954 (again why not!), kind of succeeded as many Algerians are now proud that the country didn’t follow our Arab brethren’s path.
On the other hand, nobody really expected these elections to bring change and the months which followed that “major day in Algerian history” proved right for we see nothing new in Algeria and the “new” government has been appointed only recently. Sorry I didn’t feel it deserved a new blog post…

Amara Benyounes, former RCD member, has finally been rewarded for supporting Bouteflika in his 2004 and 2009 campaigns. He is now the Minister of Country, Environmental and City Planning… The elections did indeed change his life.

According to NessNews, the minister wants the people to have trust in the new government and asks us to be patient. He promises the change in just two months. A real change, he says, that will surprise us Algerians.

So I started thinking what could be done in two months and would be a real change that would surprise the people?

The US presidential elections are in two months but I don’t think they are the change the minister talks about. I do not dream any longer and I know none of what I mentioned here could be achieved in such a short time and by such incompetent and careless rulers.
So what else is possible but would still surprise me? Below is my short-list.

  • Shortage on medicines and vaccines to be solved.

Don’t be surprised my short-list has only one item.The fact we’re used to mediocrity and inaction makes me not expect much and be surprised by little.

From this Liberte article I gather that Amara Benyounes was speaking of a change in Algerian cities. I guess he meant cleaning the cities as suggested by this action in Algiers and this in Tizi-Ouzou. I admit cleaning all Algerian cities in two months would really surprise me, but more surprising would be to keep them clean on the long-term.

Anyway, let the countdown begin and let us see what happens in two months.


7 thoughts on “Let the countdown begin

  1. MnarviDZ, your list is awfully short. Maybe Si Benyounes was refering to the local elections, which for sure, will shake our world….mmmmkay, it’s never gonna happen. I don’t know for the rest of the country, but i don’t recall any life changing results due to local elections in Annaba. As a matter of fact, I don’t recall the city ever holding local elections. I wonder what would be the slogan this time, if there was one? Anyhow, i leave you to your countdown énervé. Salam.

  2. MnarviDZ, it seems your prediction might well come true: http://www.elkhabar.com/ar/watan/302931.html

    The new Health Minister plans to resurrect the spectre of the National Agency of Medicines which will be responsible for putting some order in the cartels-ridden natioanl drugs market. According to the article above, < 20 from the 500 registered pharmaceuticals importers have monopoly over 80% of the national market. No wonder medicines and vaccines have become so scarce.

  3. Si El7arrag,
    Things in Bejaia seem to get worse with every new mayor so consider yourselves lucky if life doesn’t change in Annaba!
    I think “shkara tdjib el imara” would be a nice slogan.

    I wish this could really happen. Docteur ès shita, DOA, also spoke of this agency when he became minister of health. We know what happened afterwards.

    • Welcome Anna Smith Lyly and thanks for sharing your comment.
      Perhaps the new minister of education will bring some change, although things wouldn’t be improved in the short run.

  4. Do i detect some cynicism? Have i in any way or shape slightly influenced you? LOL, it’s ok, you don’t have to say it, i am well aware that my cynicism tends to have an impact–my grad-students jokingly call my approach “the black hole that sucks BS.” :))

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