An Olympic gold medal for Algeria

I wondered whether I ashould assign this post to the category ‘Noteworthy Algerians‘, but decided not to because, even though obtaining a Gold medal at the Olympics is certainly a noteworthy achievement, most Algerian athletes and sportspeople are not noteworthy in that they do not have a sustained output. Take Hassiba Boulmerqa or Noureddine Morceli for example. What have they achieved since winning a Gold medal in the 1500 m in 1992 (Barcelona Olympics) and 1996 (Atlanta Olympics) respectively?

Going back to the topic of this post, for those who are interested in sport, Algerian Taoufik Makhloufi has won a gold medal in the men’s 1500 m race last Tuesday. There have been insinuations in the press that he has cheated by faking injury in the 800 m and then going on to win just 24 hours later the 1500 m race. As to Makhloufi, this is simply accounted for by the will of God. Fair enough.

Congratulations to Makhloufi and Algeria. We are starting to have a bit of a tradition in the 1500 m races as this is the third Algerian to have won a gold in this competition after Boulmarqa and Morceli. Long may it last! When will we win the World Cup though? This is the million-dollar question. I am convinced it will transform Algeria for the better and for good.


9 thoughts on “An Olympic gold medal for Algeria

  1. When will we win the World Cup though? This is the million-dollar question. I am convinced it will transform Algeria for the better and for good.

    Must have written this after ftour wen Errass bda yghanni?

    • No I was serious. It would be an achievement which would give us a break from the one and only achievement ever made by Algerians ever – war and carnage! I wish we’d pick something good and excel at it, would give our nation a much needed psychological boost.

      • When Mekhloufi won the race, one of the Arab commentators referred to Algeria as the country of a million martyrs.
        I hate the fact that we are labeled the country of a million martyrs . I respect all of those who fought for the independence of the nation and those who died for it. But, I wish we could be referred to as the country of “nice dates” or nice anything, a type of flower, a tree, anything that is alive, not by how many of us died.
        I hope that Algeria will one day produce a sprinter like Bolt (more likely than winning the world cup, despite both being far-fetched dreams). At least we could be referred to as the country of the fastest man on earth.

        • My feelings entirely!!! The sad irony is, Algeria and algerians have many ‘nice’ things and aptitudes they could celebrate. But it would be really cool to win a major sports tournament, I feel it is more accessible than the Nobel prize lol.

  2. How can you seriousely say these atheletes who acheived what they have achieved without any help or support from the Govenement (who is now claiming motherhood) are not noteworthy. you obv have no idea what it takes to become an Olympian. as to what they have achieved since their win, well have you done your research?

    • Hi Hanafi welcome to the blog.
      The dire management of material and human resources is a well known fact in Algeria, not trying to reinvent the wheel here. What Makhloufi and others have achieved is despite these dire circumstances not thanks to them. If support was adequate, a country the size and wealth of Algeria would certainly achieve much more than these few exceptions which rather confirm the general rule.

      As to your second question, do enlighten us if you know what our past heroes have gone on to do? I only know that Boulmarqa has become a ‘businesswoman’.

  3. Congratulations on the gold medal. I spent some time in Algiers in the late 90’s while posted to the U.S. Embassy. Great people and I hope to return for a real visit someday.

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