We don’t need no government

I was talking to a colleague the other day and he told me with a twinkle in his eye: “Listen, we don’t have a government since the last parlementary elections. That is 3 months ago. What more proof do you need that Algeria functions without a government and has been doing so for years?” Then he giggled. In other words, our government is completely obsolete. I was compelled to admit he is right and it was a funny way of making what many would argue is an obvious point. Indeed, ever since the 10th of May, seven Ministries have not yet been appointed a new Minister: The Ministry of Higher Education, The Ministry of Environment, The Ministry of Transport, The Ministry of Public Works, The Ministry of Work and Employment, The Ministry of Post and Information Technologies and The Ministry of Justice. Prior to the elections, many Ministers resigned from their positions in order to be able to participate in the elections as candidates. Being an MP in Algeria is a much more carefree occupation than being a Minister and the perks are almost as mouth-watering if not more. And now here we are. Same as per usual. Proof that this country has been surviving without real government for years.


7 thoughts on “We don’t need no government

  1. Bouteflika ma3amerleksh 3inek? He is el koul fil koul.
    Ya3ni to tell the truth I think we can live (practice what we think is living) without a president too… Somebody should write a book and use the Algerian case to explain how and why governments are useless.

  2. يقال أن بومدين كان يريد دولة لا تزول بزوال الرجال وكان ذلك أحد من شعاراته. فلم يبنها على الإرادة الشعبية بل على قوة الجيش. النتيجة أنه نجح فصنع مهزلة لا تزول بزوال القراقوز الذين هم الوزراء.
    أما لو كان هناك إرتباك في تنصيب مسؤولي القوات المسلحة وأدوات القمع كالمخابرات فكان الأمر يدعو للقلق.

  3. belgium did not have a government for over a year.
    america with its deadlock barely passed any important legislation this past year so
    you only need pariament to pass important legislature
    I think the government will reassemble after Ramadan

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