Links: Algerian Blogs In English

PoF already links to some Algerian blogs. Those among them which I added are there because I like them, without necessarily agreeing with them, and also because their scopes are related to our preferred topics. Another condition is that they must be relatively active.
In this post I am adding a list of the Algerian blogs in English which I have in my reader.

Let me be clear here, these blogs range from “I read every post they publish” to “I haven’t read more than one sentence they wrote and I didn’t like it”; so this is not a list of “the blogs I like” or “the blogs you must read”. Also, I am not 100% sure all the authors are Algerian and they do not all write about Algeria. Some of these bloggers write exclusively in English whereas others sometimes use other languages. Finally, some of the blogs are not active any more or are made private by their owners.

Anyway, here’s the list and you do whatever you wish with it 🙂

365 days of summer

Algerian Economics
Algerian Review

Algerian woman in her apartment
Ayat Ghanem

BentAljazair’s Chronicles

Carpediem Isis
Couscous and freedom

Dilemmas of a Single Algerian Girl in London
DZ Calling

DZ Calling Lite

Eyes on Algeria

I (don’t) Think
Inspired Thoughts

Jabal al-lughat

Live from the Casbah
Clicking here might not be safe as the blog seems to have been hacked.

Machaho Tellem Chaho

Omar Dakhane Blog

Patriots On Fire
Point de vue

Rather Quaint Comments by algerianna

Simplicity of my table by the sea
Simply Algerian

That Algerian
That Arab girl
The Moor Next Door
Thoughts, comments, criticism, and gibberish



25 thoughts on “Links: Algerian Blogs In English

  1. Salaamu aleikoum,
    Thank you dzjk Allah sister or brother for linking my Algerian cooking blog Simplicity of my table by the sea. And enchallah have a blessed Ramadan! greetings from DZ!

  2. Cheers MnarviDZ.
    I think we need more Algerian blogs out there. Algerian blogs in English are certainly a minority and more of them wouldn’t go amiss as I think they allow more cross cultural communication with other bloggers around the globe.

    I hope to update my new blog about the news comments more regularly. There have been many interesting stories, unfortunately not enough time to browse through enough comments to warrant a post.

  3. Thanks for the links, I discovered new blog I will never have the time to read, though they are now on my google reader 🙂

    Some of them were not updated for like a year or so. One is completely empty except for a hello world page (!!!) and another, livefromthecasbah, has been hacked or something. Both google and firefox told me not ot go there or the world could end. I went anyway, and indeed the site seems to have been defaced, considering the strange content I found (Tips To Find The Best Baseball Catcher Mitt, How to get the most out of your Search Queries, Why You Should Try to Find a Date in Asia?, How To Lose Weight And Enhance Your Beauty …) !!! Maybe you should either reomve it or put some warning !!!

  4. Now, that i returned from vacation and i am back in the swing, i will be updating my blog on a regular basis again (the usual stuff, economics and politics, and probably i will start a US elections section). I would love to write about Algeria (since i was there this last summer), but i am a bit tired of posting depressing and negative updates. Believe me, there is almost nothing positive i can say, unless i’ll start lying 🙂

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