Rana Ga3 Malade Mental

In Bejaia, my home town, it was usual to hear in the morning that somebody had thrown himself off Place Gueydon. I have never seen it myself but it is said that people who go there very early in the morning can see the corpses…

The newspapers have also been reporting about suicides for many years now, either by strangulation or pills or a weapon (Algerian policemen happen to use their own weapons to commit suicide). Today, and since Tunisian El Bouazizi, more and more do set themselves on fire.

And there are varied reasons behind these suicides but from what I read in the newspapers, it seems like most are related to the hard living conditions and the pressure these people face in their daily life. The pressure can be psychological, economic, social, familial, professional, etc. I remember many cases of children committing suicide after their failure in the baccalaureate or BEF exams. There are also cases of very old persons, in their eighties, who committed suicide.
But most of the cases which have been reported by the press in the past year seem to be related to el hogra which the person couldn’t take any more. And these cases did follow El bouazizi’s method.

It is not clear what the rulers are doing to fix this nasty problem. The press reported cases of local authorities (mayor, etc.) daring the “mahgour” to suicide if he were Redjla, which would prove the issue is not taken seriously enough.
Also, unlike in Tunisia where El Bouazizi’s suicide had started something which led to Ezzine’s removal, we observe that things in Algeria do not change however big is the suicides number. It is therefore not an efficient method to solve one’s issues. I believe people’s life in Algeria hasn’t the same value as the rulers’. I remember Franz Fanon argued in one of his books that things started changing in colonized Algeria when everyone understood that Algerians’ lives were as worthy as the French ones.

So what to do with all these suicides?

We first had the official religious message reminding everybody that we’re Muslim and suicide is not legal in Islam. This reminder came from imams and politicians alike; but it doesn’t seem to work as, only today, El Khabar mentions at least 2 new suicides.

The latest government move was reported in El Watan three days ago. Apparently, and according to a professor at the hospital of Tizi-Ouzou, 90% of suicides are committed by mentally ill persons. Hallelujah! So there you go, the issue is just medical and has nothing to do with politics or society whatsoever. So just let the mental hospitals deal with it and everything will go just fine.

But even so, considering the professor is right, and knowing that all Algerians are mentally ill (Cheb Akil, whom I believe just like I believe the professor, said it in an old song), things do not look so good as, theoretically, every Algerian would be a potential candidate to suicide. Then who’s next?


9 thoughts on “Rana Ga3 Malade Mental

  1. ça rappelle l’époque communiste où tous les opposants au système étaient considérés comme des malades mentaux et dirigés vers des unités de “soins psychiatriques” en Sibérie.

    “Rana belkel m’habel, bessah kal wahed wa dégri dialou” disait l’inspecteur Tahar…

    • Partant de la, plein de comportements et postures trouvent leur explication! Il faut rappeler les chinois pour construire des asiles a cotes des nouvelles prisons…

  2. Who’s next ? me why not as I heard about a new fatwa allowing suicide in Islam based on some exceptional cases like a person suffering a lot either physically or mentally..

    there is also a famous slogan of soccer fans “li zalgirien di kamikaze” thus the final destination of the latter is suicide

    By the way, I’m highly impressed by your blog

    • Welcome Isis and thanks for the nice words.

      I didn’t hear of the halalisation of suicide… Wonder who gave that fatwa! As for the Algerians, forgot the kamikaz bit… So it is just a normal behaviour which should have been expected and, perhaps, this is why nobody seems to care that much…

      PS: Don’t go commit suicide just now, it would be sad to have a new reader who likes our blog and lose her right away 🙂

  3. “It is not clear what the rulers are doing to fix this nasty problem”… This sentence caught my attention and made me laugh a bit. Since when “the rulers” have done anything to solve or fix any problem.

    It’s a nice rhetorical question, but it’s rhetorical like everything in Algeria. We are on a nice and steady regressive slope. As Kaid Ahmed said it in 1966 “on est au bord du précipice et on a fait un grand pas en avant.”

    • It was indeed purely rhethorical (cf. the following sentence).

      Do you think “etre au bord du precipice” is more hopeless than “etre devant un mur” knowing in either cases we make a step forward?

      • I just like how Kaid Ahmed described the situation back then and we can use the same sentence or the same words to describe our current situation. We basically have hardly made any progress since 1966. Isn’t that a scary thought?

        Cheers 🙂

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