Ennahar TV

A new Algerian satellite TV channel has recently popped up on Nilesat. It is called Ennahar TV (like the newspaper it is affiliated to). It has become increasingly popular! I got curious so I went on youtube and searched for videos from Ennahar TV. It was like people say: people talk ‘freely’ and complain all day long (this is why this channel is appreciated apparently). It is amusing to note that Algerians consider it a novelty that ordinary citizens speak ‘freely’ on Algerian TV (this means criticize the political system). I mean, Algeria has always been freer than all other Arab countries, especially after the October 88 events and even before, when it was common to hear jokes about President Chadli. So I don’t know why Algerians still marvel when somebody comes on Algerian TV (private or public) and starts slagging off the Pouvoir. Not that it means anything of course, because we can all talk to our heart’s content 24/7 and nothing will change. But it annoys me that Algerians seem trapped in post-independence dogma despite 50 years of political turmoil that is richer than in any other Arab country. Why are we like this? Pissing-in-the-sanders.

Going back to Ennahar TV – what I found on youtube is many videos from a very irritating guy called Maidi Abdessalam (see videos below). He goes on and on and on, contradicting himself and making a fool of all Algerians. But why does Ennahar TV make a star out of this guy? Many comments on youtube accused him of being a former DRS agent who was involved in torture activities and was sent on early retirement after a brainwash. Many commentators found him brave, funny and honest. As expected, if/ when private TV will get licensed by the authorities, we will get lots of such nonsense. All the clans of the mysterious Algerian Pouvoir will have their own TV channel(s) and the deadly battles which have gone on for decades might be transferred to TV. I wonder if that would be a less bad thing. Or maybe it will be yet another missed opportunity.


17 thoughts on “Ennahar TV

    • I know yeah, he is SO irritating!!!!
      For the near future maybe, but I believe that they have lost the information battle. It’s a little too late, despite appearances, people are no fools. They like the entertainment side but it won’t be long before they work out the rules of the game – if they don’t know it already. Take Al Jazeera for example, it hasn’t managed to keep up its initial image and has consequently lost influence. I also think Algerians are more likely to trust foreign information sources than anything Algerian. Which is bad but understandable.

  1. Sorry algerianna but there is a mistake in the title, Ennahar should be replaced by Ennar…wa Allaho a3lam…

  2. Oh well, what do you want me to say really? More negative things? We all know that the situation is catastrophic at the molecular level and it won’t get better any time soon (not in my lifetime or my kids’ lifetime). So, what we see here (on this ennahar channel) are just the symptoms of seriously sick country. Anyways, as a friend of mine used to say, “our the nightmare has just started”

    • Yes lasptiemewilaya but this is what media do isn’t it? Many satellite channels target their shows to specific audiences and even on the street polls such as the ones which are broadcast on Ennahar TV and the likes are ‘doctored’. Every human society is sick in its own particular way(s) I suppose. I think all Algerians need is hope and a vision – all it takes is a national project which captures their enthusiasm and I have faith they will change instantly for the better. I have faith in Algerians’ inner goodness and generosity of heart.

      • To be honest with you, i watch very little television. The only time i watch televised news is when there is something visual that i need to see. Otherwise, i read newspapers.

        You are probably right, sensationalism is a must in today’s broadcasting news. If it bleeds, it leads as they used to say and this ennahar tv is probably no different from any other television channel.

        As for the hope and change (sounds like an Obama slogan :)) we need more than that in Algeria. Since 1962, we had basically 3 generations and all of them bathed in corruption and ignorance. To change, you need to have the right ingredients. In our case, the most of the ingredients are rotten. It’s not easy. It will take a generation or 2 to get good results, if we start today.

  3. most of the new channels will sink after a few years what are their buissness model putting videos on youtube I also heard Nessma is having some trouble

  4. I wouldn’t say that people can speak “freely” on channels like Ennahar and Echorouk TV, you can say whatever you want but there is red line: you cannot criticize Boutef. I would even dare to say that people are encouraged off camera to do some “chita”.

    BUT, I agree on the mediocrity of those channels, which is partly due to them being newbies to the scene of private televisions, that is of course compared to our neighbors from Tunisia and Morocco for example.

    • Welcome to PoF copi35

      True but there is no media channel where is no red lines, the only difference is where to position these red lines and their nature.

      I don’t think the fact that they’re newbies has to do with the mediocrity, they are simply incompetent. Take the Egyptian empire of deception and propaganda that Moubarak erected behind a façade of ‘free’ and ‘independent’ private channels – that was a real industry, very sinister and they took great care to appear authentic. I think the Tunisian and the Moroccans are the same. With our channels they don’t even bother do that. Of coruse, it is also because in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, there is a minimum of competence in key sectors that is higher than the Algerian average. The poverty of these countries has forced them to invest in education and human resources which is not the case for us.

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