On Missed Opportunities… Again

Two years ago, I wrote a post about the 8 May 1945 massacres perpetrated by the French in Algeria. Unlike the traditional trend in Algeria, my post wasn’t just about the past and a way to say how ugly the coloniser was and how brave we were. My post intended to look into the past in order to improve our present and create a better future.

My previous post needs an update.

The so-called “Arab Spring” was (I use the past tense already) yet another missed opportunity. Riots and protests in Algeria started way before the uprising in Tunisia and they are still occurring very regularly. There were already many suicides among Algerian youths and, since Bouazizi, more and more of these youths do set themselves on fire. But so far the Algerian people hasn’t decided to revolt for real.

And this fact should have pushed the Algerian rulers to consider the situation seriously and make the necessary changes before it’s too late. Instead, Bouteflika and his friends used some amounts of the Algerian huge reserves in order to calm the people down, by giving temporary underpaid jobs to unemployed university graduates, and salary rises to whichever professional categories that protest. They also paid compensations to the self-murderers’ families so that they shut up. I heard that the brother of the guy who died in Jijel received money to open a shop, his sister got an emploi jeune job and his family a new flat.

But the system’s biggest decision was to declare the next legislative elections as key to the change long sought by the people. So the state is spending some big moneys in a useless campaign for useless candidates to become useless members of a useless parliament. It spams the people with text messages asking them to vote and floods the national TV with ads for the same purpose.

But are these elections really different?

We have newer parties and we see some new faces on TV. But candidates still pay to be in the lists and their biggest objective is not to work for the people but rather get the benefits which come with the elections including the pay and more importantly the penal immunity.
The FFS takes part in these elections but it’s more a way for them so that they do not disappear after too many years of boycott than a real hope the elections would bring a change.
As usual, many artists decided to benefit from the event by calling the people to vote. There is Mazouni, Takfarinas but also the former opponent Baaziz with a new song we can see these days on TV. I say former because he made a song on Algeria for Bouteflika’s third term elections so he already became a system pawn 3 years ago. Lotfi Double Kanon, the singer of the youths, said everyone should do what they think is best but his song gives away his opinion.

The only problem is the people do not believe in these things any more, and the candidates are not even good. I mean you say these elections are important and all but then select decent candidates who are at least able to speak instead of the ignorants we see on TV. America sometimes organises trainings for Algerian deputies. I can imagine the poor trainers’ feelings when they will face those great deputies of ours.

These past days, PM Ouyahia declared the Arab revolts were the work of Zionism and the NATO, and police director General Hamel said suicides were a new practice within our Algerian and Islamic traditions and came from neighbouring countries. Does he not know our neighbouring countries are Muslim too?!

So yes, I believe the Algerian rulers have missed another opportunity and are playing with fire. The people are not all gullible and will not keep silent and disorganised forever. How many more opportunities the rulers will have? I do not know but not too many I would say.

I’ve already received calls to vote from some Twitter followers, but most Algerian tweeples do not seem like going to vote. Two hashtags (#10MaiToz and #طرائف_انتخابات_الجزائر) have been created to follow these elections.

Here are some videos Ikseer posted on his blog. I used to laugh at similar videos but I do not find them funny any more.


11 thoughts on “On Missed Opportunities… Again

  1. Rubbing it in aren’t you….
    Am so angry by what is happening in these elections I vowed never to speak or write or read about them.
    But as whoever said…it’s only words and words are all I have to take your heart away. So in the end, words are all we have to do many things. The disaster is that we are even incapable of producing words.

    • Ya algerianna wallah I had decided to ignore this mahzala but now I find myself making efforts so that I do not post everyday! I just watched ENTV and saw fakhamatouh in Setif… It was a disgrace. And on TV they keep annoying us with that fake patriotic stance and all those old patriotic songs… They lost the scale factor… They do not make a difference between November 1st, July 5th or May 10th…

      This morning I passed by the Algerian consulate. There were some voters, all old. The consulate employees were trying to convince somebody to vote. They told him he could vote even without his voter’s card or even his ID.

      • I wonder if our brethren from Namibia can participate in our elections? I think it might be worth making voting in Algerian elections an open process whereby anybody and anything could throw in a piece of litter in the ballot boxes. Perhaps even accept votes by email, faxes, SMS….

  2. Les candidats se sont entretués pour être tête de liste… les “docteurs en science politique” qui aiment tellement ce pays, se battent pour “le servir”… Contrairement à ton titre, eux ne ratent aucune opporunité…

    • Je sais Qatkhal d’ou les deux tags ‘opportunity’ et ‘opportunists’ que j’ai mis sur le post.
      En tous cas j’ai pris acte du message du docteur es sciences boulitik, ghir elli mayahshemsh elli yvoti…

  3. Des vidéos pareils y en a un tas sur Youtube…Depuis El Bombardi on s’est pas marré autant en regardant l’orpheline, il faut dire qu’elle n’a jamais été aussi sérieuse dans la drôlerie.
    Mais pour moi, le discours du King, débité sur un ton sérieux et grave avec une petite touche d’émotion de faux grand père, se hisse en “tête de liste” …

    • J’en riais jaune avant mais je n’en ris plus. Sinon aya jure que le discours du brisidene ne t’a pas fait verser une larme, quand il a dit “mabqinash neqadrou’ ou quand il a parle de Benbella dont personne ne se souvenait et que tout le monde a applaudi 🙂
      Djili tab jnanou est pas mal aussi.

      • C’est à en pleurer de rie oui, car le discours est plein de “chutes”, c’est un “Old man show”, un stand-up forcé. Verser une larmichette d’émotion, malheureusement non, j’ai qu’une demi portion de cœur et je la garde pour d’autres occasions…

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