I want my ministry too!

Only ten days are left before Algeria’s legislative elections and Algerians do not seem to take them seriously. Or perhaps are they very serious about them and know they won’t change anything and that would be why they decided to ignore them. I can only imagine Bouteflika’s disappointment after he had told the people that the elections day was as important as November 1, 1954.

On the other hand, the candidates and the system chose to ignore the people and their problems. Tit for tat you would say. People still complain about their bad situation, demonstrations are still forbidden, activists are jailed and youths do still set themselves on fire. But the electoral campaign follows its path undisturbed.

I don’t know what the official turnout will be like and who will be the official winners. One thing I am sure about is these elections are not as historic as some claim, and they won’t bring the change most Algerians expect.

Algeria’s Islamists believe their fate is linked to their friends’ in Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco. This led some of them to unite under the Green Algeria banner which, they hope, would give them the majority. The MSP even decided to cut with their former allies (FLN and RND) to drive this green locomotive. Djaballah, an Islamist who didn’t unite with them, also believes his chances are high and makes many proposals (just like the other candidates), and one of these proposals is to create a new ministry to manage the zakat.

Remember that Algeria has followed some other Muslim countries’ model and decided to manage the people’s zakat. It is done through the High Zakat Council which reports to the ministry of religious affairs. And as far as I know, this fund is not as successful as expected, many Algerians do not trust the state and prefer to give their zakat directly.

I don’t understand why a Zakat ministry’s needed and I do not think it would improve anything. And if they absolutely have to create a new ministry I guess they should rather make one for the pilgrimage. Both the ministry of religious affairs and the national office of pilgrimage and omra have failed in managing the few thousands who perform Hadj every year.

Ok I do not think we need a new ministry at all, and perhaps we should suppress some of the existing. But I was disappointed that only Djaballah came up with this idea. The other candidates should also suggest new ministries. I am not a candidate but I would create a ministry of blogging. What do you say?


14 thoughts on “I want my ministry too!

  1. Ministry of Batata wa mouchtakatouha.

    Surely creating a ministry, a body or a channel to manage the Zakat will be just another way to defraud people’s money! I believe Zakat is a personal thing, much like praying. It is not for the state to manage. The simple truth might be that Djaballah has an employed cousin he wants to make minister.

  2. Dz-Chick,

    Well the topic about having the state manage the zakat is broad. I do not mind the state taking care of it so long as there is control and all. Also, I believe it is more effective than having everyone give their zakat individually…
    But your remark about Djaballah has some truth in it for we know some of his family members are among his party’s candidates in several Algeria cities.

    PS: Then we might meet wherever we’d be taken!

  3. Ministère chargée de la censure de la chanson politique avec une grosse direction spécialement dédiée à l’interdiction des chansons de Mazouni sur le FLN… Qtaltni ya mnarvi, wallah makhalit fiya walou…

    Amma al oukht Algerianna qui se cache derrière sa petite fleur, on t’a vue, makan lah tatkhabbay

    • LOL je vois t’es toujours sous le choc… On risque plutot de voir un ministere charge de la promotion de cet art…
      Je soupconne algerianna de prepaper un clip pour le candidat de sa ville, ce qui explique son absence.

  4. Algerianna or MnarviDZ:

    This is not a spam or a cheap promotion, but i would like you, if you could of course, to let your readers know that i will be posting and publishing the results of the second round of the French presidential elections as soon as we get them–i.e., 18:30 French time. I am not bound by the French law banning the publication of partial results before 20:00, and therefore there is no justification for me to hold on to the results until 20:00 (or 14:00 EST). So as soon as i have partial results (and i expect to have them at 18:30 French time and 12:30 EST), i will post them right the way our this blog.

    Here is the link: http://laseptiemewilaya.wordpress.com/

    Thanks and i appreciate it. If you don’t feel comfortable publishing this, please by all means, delete it.


    • laseptiemewilaya,

      It’s alright, we already link to your blog, So I won’t delete it but I rather have comments on the topic or at least related to this blog’s scope.

  5. I did not like any of the above suggestions. I do ,though, like the idea of having a national zakat fund to manage zakat money but in DZ it is just another way of thieving…

    I do agree with Qatakhal, I would not mind a ministry to ‘promote nationalistic songs’ like the ones by Mazouni. I just added his song to my Ipod playlist, and I can’t get enough of it:) I am sure many people would agree there is a dearth of these and we need more to build a patriotic spirit especially that it is election year and stuffs…

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