I have often heard this term, “Dimoukhratia” (ديموخراطية), used by Arabic-speaking people when talking about the political situation in their countries. It seems that this word has made it into the Algerian lexicon and the first official definition of this word has been published today, April Fool’s Day, in the newest edition of the Dictionary of the Algerian Academy:

DIMOUKHRATIA f. n. XXe century, originated from the Greek word dêmokratia. Combines dima, “always”, khra , “excrements” and khorti, “bullshit”.
1. A political system founded on bullshit where sovereignty and the decisions which ensue are defecated literally or figuratively, directly or indirectly, by self-proclaimed representatives of the people. Dimoukhratia places the legitimacy of power in the people’s choice by virtue of free and occasionally transparent elections from predetermined selections of chronic bullshiters. It is founded on an eternally-repeating pattern of ‘khorti’. 2. adj. Describes anything that is based on bullshit, foulplay and/ or corrupt subterfuge whilst advocating an appearance of liberty and modernity eg. libertine behavior, all sorts of hideous vices. 3. Colloquial use: Dimoukhratia is often used in any combination with the words Châab, Irada and Houria in order to confect all sorts of political statements designed to bullshit the audience into believing the exact opposite of what is actually intended (i.e. khorti).

Dimoukhratia is so tightly linked with khorti that it is quite impossible to give it an accurate definition that isn’t in itself khorti fi khorti.



3 thoughts on “Dimoukhratia

  1. It was time this word was added to the dictionary; we only had “doula” which meant nothing and now we can give it a higher dimension by appending the new word and saying “doula dimoukhratia”…
    This post reminded me of an old song of Baaziz.

      • Well he lives in France and still sings… It’s funny how he oscillates between welcomed guest and persona non grata on ENTV depending on the political situation. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him sing vive DZ (read vive el vote) in the coming weeks just like he did around Bouteflika’s 2009 elections.

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