PoF Leak: Diagnose and cure!

I wrote in the past about the visit of US department of state’s secretary to Algeria, and we all debated on the stance we take or should take as Algerians versus the US and their policies. Today’s post is one of those, rare, with information leaked to Patriots on Fire. We have indeed learnt that some shadowy US “representative”, and it is not Mr. Michael G. Vickers, met with the leader of one of the newly created parties. The meeting took place a few weeks ago and its objective was to decide how the US would help this party, should it win in the upcoming elections, get Algeria back on track and become America’s closest partner. A win-win agreement had been signed and the American side launched its plan as requested by the Algerian leader.

Our source told us that the Algerian leader gave the US a list with all the symptoms he observed in Algeria and asked his “partner” to hire Dr. House in order to diagnose the country’s illness and cure it. The diagnosis and the cure would be the party’s program and would guarantee its victory.

If you know Dr. House you’d know he accepted the case without hesitation because of the challenges and mysteries that surround it. He even accepted the leader’s condition to get Thirteen back in his team (the blogger leader likes her). But as all this activity had to be kept secret, Dr. House had to use simulation tools instead of working on the actual patient. He suggested to work on patients displaying similar symptoms but Putin and Ahmadinejad refused to coöperate.

The source provided a copy of a report with the symptoms observed by the Algerian leader:

  • The body lives on external food injections without which it would die.
  • Some cells grew bigger (BC) and keep attacking the smaller ones.
  • The small cells (SC) imitate the bigger ones and attack each other.
  • Some SC on the surface go through spontaneous combustion.
  • A black liquid leaks from all orifices and the BC increase these orifices’ size.
  • SC in the brain either turn into BC or disappear. Either way their activity rate decreases to that of a comatose.
  • Besides targeting each other, both BC and SC’s activity level is very low and highly disordered.

The list is actually longer but I decided to keep only the most important symptoms.

As usual, House and his team very quickly decided it was cancer and simulated a surgery to remove the BC. The problem is more SC turned into new BC and the process didn’t stop. A new symptom even appeared as some SC turned into intermediate cells (IC) which were scattered in the body and looked like they were defending BC. A consequence was that SC stopped pressing against BC and targeted IC even more vehemently.

Thirteen apparently suggested it might be a contagious disease that is called Mediterranean-Procrastinatum. House agreed and asked her to simulate a stimulation of the whole body by forcing it into high level activity. An improvement was observed, but it didn’t last long as the most active cells were among SC and they became even smaller before dying. For some reason, BC and IC grew bigger and took more space in the body. Left with less vital space, SC got attracted by the “black” orifices where they disappeared for ever.

As far as the secret report goes, Dr. House and his team still have no clue on what is wrong with Algeria. They decided therefore to treat it for whatever disease could correspond to any of the above symptoms.

The source said the report was shared with the Algerian party leader. Seeing how the most famous doctor in the world resorted to luck and random treatment, he lost confidence in American scientific power and thought it was better to let the Algerians solve their issues alone, especially that they knew these random decision-making methods very well.

The source didn’t say if Dr. House’s still working on the case, and whether the Algerian leader got his party approved or not by the BC system. What the Algerian leader promised to the Americans in exchange is not important any more.

Any of you got an idea on how to cure Algeria?


26 thoughts on “PoF Leak: Diagnose and cure!

  1. Looool. What a brilliant diagnosis! I’m no doctor but a a patient myself and I say it’s the diet! I can’t believe Dr House overlooked the external food injections, which will only detach, not kill off, the BC cells should the levels be reduced or halted. Could it be that Dr House is hooked to that same substance too and doesn’t want to disallow it for fear of missing out on his own future fix?

    • NG, I like how you explain the fact House overlooked that symptom.
      So if the doctor and the patient have similar “issues” then the doctor wouldn’t be able to diagnose them. It tells you what to expect, or not, when you know that SC rely on BC to fix the problems 🙂

      • Yes I believe that BCs are posing as one or several doctors. Until a doctor not addicted to the same food injections comes along, SCs can only rely on SCs to alter the system’s function.

  2. Brilliant diagnosis MnarviDZ!!!!

    As for the cure, I think that selective radiation of BC and IC to get rid of them. Then special diet to recontidion remaining SC, some genetic manipulation might be required. External selective pressures need to be applied to direct evolution of new SC away from BC or IC trajectories.

    • Thx algerianna!

      Your solution is too complex if you ask me. Do we have the techniques, the know-how and all the stuff to do it? External selective pressures’ outcome is highly uncertain.

      • OK point taken, but at least these should be the strategy for the cure no? As for the means well, we need to discuss them after we agree on the strategy or objectives.

        Do you agree that these should be the objectives?

        • I am not sure I agree with the diagnosis. Saying we should get rid of BC and IC is like saying they are the problem. They probably are one problem but I am not sure they are the root cause. Perhaps their very existence and size is just another symptom of the actual illness, and curing it will have, among other consequences, to get rid of them. But I could be wrong and getting rid of them is the first step to cure the disease. Not sure which is easier and faster.

      • C’est possible…. ou je dirai, que c’est même très probable… mais en attendant, il y a urgence. Il faut absolument vite traiter, et on avisera après. D’ailleurs si un traitement est trouvé contre les SC et qu’il est efficace, il sera réutilisé au besoin… et peut-être que cela aidera à développer un vaccin plus tard contre les SC? Tu imagines le progrès? Le prix Nobel n’est pas loin…

        • Si on commence en plus a parler de prix Nobel alors tu peux etre sure que ca n’arrivera pas car il y aurait de la concurrence et tout espoir de collaboration disparaitrait.

  3. Pas mal de médecins et de charlatans ont prétendu détenir le remède :
    – Ceux qui ont suggéré que la mal tiendrait exclusivement son origine d’agents pathogènes externes qui auraient envahi le corps. On leur a même donné un nom colonialis et surtout sa forme dite virulente la néo-colonialis foudroyante. L’administration d’un traitement s’est révélée totalement inefficace (le Denoncium Ridiculum à forte doses) bien qu’elle ait l’effet très temporaire de soulager la douleur et le ressentiments du patient. Toutefois, les cellules BC laissées tranquilles ont eu tendance à croître et se renforcer et la consommation du Denoncium Ridiculum a semblé accélérer leur multiplication.
    Tout porte à croire que c’est le contraire qui se passe. La propagation des BC affaiblit les défenses immunitaires et facilite grandement l’attaque de la néo-colonialis foudroyante.

    – Ceux qui ont suggéré que le mal tiendrait son origine de problèmes psychologiques sans véritablement établir une preuve de ce lien. Ils proposent des génuflexions quotidiennes qui constituent, certes, un exercice intéressant pour le corps et l’esprit mais dont on voit mal l’effet sur les cellules parasites. Le peu de résultats de cette méthode n’a pas empêché la propagation des BC qui se sont non seulement adaptées mais ont commencé à profiter des génuflexions pour envahir des parties du corps qui étaient jusque là saines.

    On ne s’improvise pas docteur. Mais je m’y essaye quand même. Je pense que même si à la base, le métabolisme est défaillant, l’assèchement des sources de liquide noir est la clé du traitement d’attaque. Les BC se trouveraient alors dépourvues des ressources nécessaires à leur croissance. Certes, cela sera fatal aussi à certaines SC mais c’est le prix à payer si on cherche la guérison. Dans ce domaine, on ne peut tabler sur le statu quo car on ne ferait que retarder la date où il faudra prendre les choses en main dans des conditions bien pires. Plus on attend et plus les SC payeront le plus fort. Une fois les BC éliminés, on pourra s’attaquer au problème plus fondamental des mécanismes métabolique défaillants.

    • Oui mais qui va régler le problème des mécanismes métaboliques défaillants?
      Il y a eu des cas où les SC ont commencé à menacer les BC et IC. Un phénomène complètement inattendu a surgi, des masses de SC ont commencé à communiquer entre elles via des mécanismes imperceptibles par les BC, vu leur nombre, les SC sont devenues redoutables malgré leur taille relativement insignifinante. Les BC ne pouvaient pas les détruire toutes, donc elles ont fini par s’auto-détruire, épuisees. Le problème c’est que les SC se sont prises à elles memes après, et les IC, jusque là dormantes, ont saisi l’opportunité pour se transformer en nouvelles BC. A mon avis, le probleme du métabolisme defaillant des SC devrait etre considéré beaucoup plus tôt. Mais comment faire? Il ne faut surtout pas que les BC se doutent de quoi que ce soit….En tous les cas, le problème du metabolisme devrait être réglé avant le tarissement du liquide noir.

      • Tu leur attribues une conscience toi les cellules? Je vois plus un processus d’évolution. Toutes les mutations sont possibles et c’est l’adaptation au milieu qui décide. Le liquide noir crée un milieu où les pêcheurs en eaux troubles sont sélectionnés…

        • Qatkhal
          J’ai oublié de préciser que les cas cliniques dont j’ai parlé ont été observés dans des environnements pauvres en liquide noir. Le problème du métabolisme devrait être réglé avant l’épuisement du liquide noire parce que, une fois le liquide noir épuisé, et si le métabolisme est toujours défaillant, bah ce sera le coma…l’évolution a besoin de vie pour démarrer…

      • Algerianna,

        This is what makes any bottom-up approach difficult. And taking an example from history to illustrate this post’s fictional story, when the French felt the danger of what Benbadis and his friends where doing, they targeted them physically and also politically with more insidious methods. So it is key in such a process to be as discreet as possible so that BC discovers it as late as possible.

        The defective metabolism is way harder than curing the illness and getting rid of BC and IC because, as defective as it may be, it is “d’origine”. So close monitoring will be mandatory and, I agree, shortage in black liquid will be helpful too.

        • Defo! What this problem needs is a hobbit LOL
          We need to discover a specific hormone which triggers self-regeneration mechanisms in SC selectively. So it needs to be a cell-size specific hormone.

    • QatKhal,

      Je pense aussi que l’assechement du liquide noir est un bon pas. Apres est-on pret a sacrifier des SC pour le but ultime de sauver le corps? C’est la question qui est posee avant chaque mouvement de grande ampleur et potantiellement dangereux tel les revolutions. Tant que certaines SC se satisfont de leur etat et pensent avoir plus a perdre qu’a y gagner alors tu risques d’avoir une union SC/IC/BC pour repousser toute approche vers les sources du liquide noir.
      Le status-quo fait perdre du temps et rends les choses pires, mais en meme temps il permet de convaincre plus de SC de l’utilite de l’action.

  4. (Any of you got an idea on how to cure Algeria?)

    Strange your Dr House didn’t check the immune system…He must know that the immune system is the one in charge of protecting the whole organism from pathogens infiltrated within sound cells. The immune system’s defence cells mission is to patrol the organism to identify and eliminate dangerous agents including BCs and SCs which no longer abide by the law of the organism threatening other sound cells wellbeing and hence…the organism’s life.

    When the immune system fails performing its mission, BCs tend to proliferate infesting like parasites the whole organism creating chaos which strengthen bad SCs and prevent good and sound SCs from fulfilling their duties…not to mention the threatening attacks from other invaders pathogens…
    The worst serious case being… when the immune system turns wild, out of control attacking good sound SCs…

    May be the diagnosis is simply… an immune deficiency.

    Tell your Dr House to aim its cure to the immune system…to cleanse and strengthen it!
    Once it is done, all the organism would need to recover…is to take some time rest, a proper diet and “tisana Za3ter*”!

    Tahouran inshAllah

    *oregano herbal tea

    • Welcome back BentAljazair.

      It is strange indeed esp. when we know that cancer and autoimmune diseases are House’s favourites. Perhaps the report was in the hands of some of these immune system agents before it reached us, and some paragraphs had been deleted… for body safety purpose.

      But I take your point just like I take the other points our readers shared above. Now ‘what to treat first and how’ is the question. Perhaps injecting a very virulent pathogen would transform all the body cells into nice cells in some sort of a lifesaving reaction… But I don’t like the idea.

      • I think for any treatment to be successful or at least increase its chances of success in such cases one should engage in coordinated action of some sorts…many things need to be done in parallel. SC need to be conditionned by some imperceptible mechanism, BC need to be kept occupied by some ‘fake’ but threatening (to them) pathogen on which they will focus most of their energy. By the time the black liquid will run out, hopefully, enough SC would have been envigorated and the immune system, once rid of BC and their obsessive fight of the ‘fake’ pathogen, will hopefully be more potent and won’t let other BC emerge. The immune system’s cells will share their memory with other SC and together, they would help each other to prevent the onset of such horrendous conditions again…

      • I don’t like that idea either!
        I forgot that Dr house is British/American …
        Knowing that in the healing process patient-doctor relationship is part of the cure – which should be based on trust, I doubt this Dr House would do anything…simply because the patient would never trust him…
        The best for the patient is to find a good Algerian doctor: smart, humble, patriot and “wild familia”…somebody the patient with its BCs, SCs and immune system agents would trust…and let’s hope he won’t be on strike!

  5. My My, what a brilliant website! how come i have just stumbled across it. I Love it!!
    and the story too… very interesting!

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