Yacine Ouabed

Yacine Ouabed

Yacine Ouabed is an Algerian poet. He was born in March 27th, 1967, in the Soustara neighbourhood of Algiers where he spent his childhood listening to Casbah‘s chaabi singers.
At the age of 20, he joined a local theater troupe named “noudjoum elghadd” (tomorrow’s stars) which performed in hospitals and youths houses. Soon Yacine became the troupe’s director but he had to leave it in 1997 because of financial problems.

Yacine Ouabed became famous when he started his collaboration with chaabi singer Kamel Messaoudi. The beginning of this cooperation was in 1994 with Eddenia and lasted till 1998 and Messaoudi’s death. During this short period, the public discovered and enjoyed many of Ouabed’s poems beautifully sang by Kamel.

Yacine Ouabed worked with many other artists such as Cherif Kortbi, Abdelmadjid Meskoud, Nada Rihane, Nasreddine Galiz, etc. He also wrote the lyrics of some TV series theme songs.

Yacine Ouabed co-presents a program “Elqahwa w latay” with chaabi singer Sid Ali Driss on Algiers channel 3 radio, and another one “Fenn bladi” on Radio ElBahdja. I don’t know if these two programs are still broadcast.

Today, he works at the ONDA. His job consists in gathering ancient Algerian poetry. He already recorded 200 of them in 40 CDs with their authors’ biographies.

In a recent interview, Yacine Ouabed declared that he writes in order to exorcise the sadness and sorrow he feels and as a way to fight against our world’s absurdity. He added that he was consdering to write a song for Khaled Hadj Brahim. A bad move if you ask me…

I read somewhere that he was going to publish a collecton of his poems. His abandonned blog can be found at this address.


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