Général Lamari is Dead

Algerians often complain about the disturbing fact that many figures of the regime seem to benefit from long lives. They see it as a proof of Algeria’s chronic bad luck, an incomprehensible curse after all the sacrifices that were made for this land. It is therefore a bit shocking when these figures start dying off one after the other. Today, the Angel of Death has claimed General Mohamed Lamari. He retired 8 years ago and rumour had it that he didn’t get along with Bouteflika. He was a major player in the fight againt the armed islamist groups in the 90’s. Some Algerians see in this a proof of his patriotism and a great achievement he did for Algeria. Others see him as a French army reject who joined the winning camp after victory was settled. General Lamari died in an Algerian hospital. I found this extraordinary, couldn’t they fly him to France or something? The papers say he had a heart attack, so maybe there wasn’t enough time.

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I enjoy writing, well communicating to be more precise as writing is somewhat a solitary activity. I tend to think that life is beautiful and interesting but people tend to over-complicate it. I like thinking about people and societies (netfelssaf like we say in Algerian). Apart from that, am relatively begnin.

5 thoughts on “Général Lamari is Dead

  1. Allah yarham elmoumnine.

    Not only he died in an Algerian hospital but in a hospital in Biskra! Not Ain Naadja, not Mustapha, not EHU of Oran! Rumours say he died after a medical mistake. Not sure we’ll ever know…
    You are perhaps right about it having been too late to send him somewhere, or perhaps the system is uglier with its former members when they “resign”. I couldn’t care less…

    You’d think death makes them rethink… You’d be naive.

  2. The other thing is they live so long that even their death won’t change much as they’d had enough time to spread wide and deep. Years ago, Algerians were hopeful that the death of the tyrans will bring about positive change. Not anymore.

    • I believe the system has evolved beyond a dependence on individuals. For one who dies there may be 3 or 4 aspiring successors and the system perpetuates itself. Change will be positive only when it happens at the structural level, not from a simple change of the guards.

  3. My belief is that, us Algerians love to theorise, this is part of our culture and tradition, and because we mingle with people from different background, it gives each one of us the impression that we know almost everything.

    Gen. M Lamari (RIP) was a soldier, and acted as one, which is what everyone expect from some one doing his job.

    Does anyone of us know exactly what a General is supposed to do?

    Of course we do, this is because our mind is polluted with 1000’s of war films (propaganda) we saw plus the history books written mainly by French!
    adding to this our laziness for asking or searching for proofs, for all the allegations.

    We acquired this tendency of accepting theories as facts without seeing real proofs, this is because we have some kind of a function which point us towards the famous: ” anything is possible ” specially if many people repeating it here and there, so it must be true.

    This is why the media keep repeating the same lies, no matter how silly they might look, people will end up beleive in them, and using them later on as an argument..

    As an example, I cite the famous theory of French manipulated Generals.
    This is not new, it happened before, remember the story of Colonel Amirouch and the massacre of 100’s of young intellectual Algerians who joined his ranks because the French made him beleive that they were working for the French!!!

    Now if we move a bit forward, how can anyone explain the nationalisation of Algerian Oil fields ?

    How can we explain that while France mission in Algeria comes out of it as a nuclear power while Algeria is left almost in the stone age!

    How can we explain the recent French aggression against Libya and the Algerian position..
    I mean if it’s true that there are Generals who work for the French interest and control Algeria why didn’t they manifest themselves and standing shoulder to shoulder with the French?

    Amazingly the people who stood with the French an NATO Position were islamistes.. I find this a bit ironic..or maybe not .. it doesn’t surprise me..

    I’m sorry if this seems to be of topic.

    Finally I just would like to say that I have no qualifications to judge the work of Gen. M Lamari (RIP) as human he might have made mistakes by taking a tough stand against people who started the process of dividing Algeria, yes the isalmistes ( the ex FIS)
    As soon as they won the local elections, started renaming those counties..and reclassifying the Algerians into Muslims and non Muslims..
    I think most of you remember that.

    • 4Algerian

      You ask legitimate questions to which I have no answers. But what I can say is this: Algerians deplore the disproportionate influence of the army in civil affairs and the control of some generals of national trade (which cripples the economy). You ask what a general is supposed to do, I don’t really know I admit, but I also know what he isn’t supposed to do. Many things can be explained by individual parties’ interests – the Algerian stance wrt the Lybian crisis could well be explained by their fear of the same thing happening in Algeria and also the fact that they had many common interests with Qadhafi. Also, it musn’t be overlooked that what an official stance is announced to be doesn’t always (often) reflect what the true stance is (behind the curtains – thank you Wikileaks).

      Things aren’t always as they appear.

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