Jokes on Algerian presidents and politicians

Can’t remember any.

Probably the one who stimulated Algerian imagination most.

Chadli, Readan and Mitterand decided to take a plane and visit their respective countries. Somewhere above the USA, Reagan opened the window (it’s a joke) and laughed at his counterparts while trying to catch something in the air. Suddenly he said, “We’re in New York, I just touched the Statue of Liberty”. Chadli and Mitterand applauded. Then Mitterand did the same and told them they were in Paris as he touched the Eiffel Tower. Chadli thought he mustn’t lose to them and hoped he could touch Maqam Shahid. Unfortunately, he had no chance to touch it from the plane as it flew very high in the sky. But still, he did feel something and screamed, “we are in ElHarrach”. The two presidents didn’t understand and asked him how he could be sure. He answered, “simple. Someone just stole my watch”.

Chadli’s wife, Hlima, noticed that her husband started going into his study every night and laughed very loudly, and that since he became the president. As she wanted to understand this strange behaviour, she followed him one night and found out that he was laughing at a very old piece of paper. The paper was one of his pupil time homeworks and his teacher had written “futureless pupil”.

Chadli was very annoyed with all the jokes about him so he asked the SM director to find the villain who invented all those stories. The SM, efficient as ever, very quickly found the guilty man and informed the president. Chadli decided to go to the man and talk to him. The man, a young adult, apparently spent all his time sitting in a café and inventing jokes. Chadli sat next to him and asked him to stop, he told him that if he didn’t respect the president’s old age he should at least respect the function. He added that he was Algeria’s president after all. There the young man answered, “I swear I didn’t invent this one!”

Abassi Madani:
I’ll share only one here.

While on an outdoors visit, Abassi sensed the urge to urinate. He saw a sort of cavern and decided to do it there. But once in the cavern he heard a voice saying “iqra’” (read). Abassi thought, “hmm great, looks like my lucky day!” so he, replied “I can’t read”. The voice repeated, “read” and he replied that couldn’t, three times. Then he turned to see what he expected to be the Archangel, but he found a policeman pointing at a placard which read “it is forbidden to urinate here”.

This is the only joke I know about him…

When the army appointed Zeroual as the head of state, he was happy to break the news to his mother. His mother replied: How do you want to control a state when you are unable to control your own head.

I know none unfortunately.


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