Medelci Declares That No Country Is More European Than Algeria

Medelci is the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs. This video has managed to anger many Algerians as what Medelci said in the French Parliament has been interpreted as an expression of regret that we are no longer French. Medelci explained his stance later by stating that what he said on this video was a mere historical fact – when the Treaty of Rome was signed, Algeria was still a French colony and therefore, Algeria could have become a member of the EU automatically had it not gained independence. I don’t really understand Medelci’s justification of what he said in this video. In my opinion and as the Algerian idom goes ‘dja eykahlel’ha, 3maha’ (he blinded his eye trying to apply khol, meaning he made the situation worse trying to improve it). How can he appeal to history when what he is effectively saying is that had history been different, we wouldn’t be in this mess? It’s nothing to do with history, and all to do with how our rulers actually perceive the current mess we’re in. As a representative of the Algerian State, Medelci should never have said this or expressed it in these terms and with this body language we see in the video – even if this is really what he thinks on a personal level.

This is the video where Medelci all but regrets that Algeria is no longer French:

And this is the one he presents his lame justification:

Pathetic really. As I said, even if what he said is historically factual, it completely disregards what also constitutes a historical fact which represents the foundation of the modern Algerian State he represents – Algeria breaking free from France!

Also check out the facial expression of the bloke sitting to the left of Medelci in the first video. Says it all really. Must have been thinking to himself: “This lutin is barking mad! Those barbares are Europeans?!!! Quelle horreur! In your dreams dude!”.

Medelci, the EU is a Christian club dude. This is another historical fact they could throw right in yer face, like they did with Turkey. And let’s face it, it’s impossible for the Arab World to be all part of the EU. If Grece, the birth place of the philosophical foundations of the modern Western World is under threat of leaving the EU, you can imagine what treatment countries who have nothing to do with Europe will be entitled to. I mean, why can’t these countries simply create a union for themselves with other similar countries who actually have a common culture and heritage! Pathetic!


12 thoughts on “Medelci Declares That No Country Is More European Than Algeria

  1. I don’t know what to say. He’s just an idiot, a specimen of the same quality as the government and regime he represents. Talking of identity and belonging, did you not see him speak in French during his visit to Washington where he tried to convince the Americans that the Algerian regime’s a reliable good boy?

    When I think of the Algerian diplomats during the war and even after the war, I measure the degradation our foreign affairs ministry has undergone… But why would it be spared when everything else’s experiencing the worst decadence…

  2. Ouffff, I was waiting for this for a while. When he said this stupidity, no one had reported that blogs as well as “free media”. Only a few days later they began to speak timidly.

    If any minister of any state that respects itself had made ​​similar statements … you can imagine the result. Then a few days later Merekhssi went to United States to present its “Islahat” and bring “moubarakate” Hillary …Between the two “interrogatoires”, he said that “Algeria is a sovereign state”….It was the best joke of the year 🙂

    After this (and other things) they talk about “Mabadi2 awal November” and they were Mujahedeen!! we cha3b yemen…

    • Merekhssi, very apt name!
      I think they only bring up the principles of November (referring to the revolution) when they address the Algerian people. Their discourse to foreign powers is diametrically opposed to the principles of November. The funny thing is, they don’t seem to realise that it is not as easy to lie and use double speak as it used to be!

  3. Un rappel historique puisque Medelci parle d’Histoire (point)… le Traité de Rome a été signé le 25 mars 1957. A cette date, la guerre d’indépendance de l’Algérie était déjà bien lancée, donc plus question d’être “français”, même si pour rappel historique (aussi) les algériens n’étaient absolument pas français mais : indigènes. Si l’Algérie était française selon les vœux de la France, les algériens eux n’étaient pas citoyens français pour autant. Ils étaient soumis au régime de l’Indigénat. Sauf pour “certains” qui avaient accepté de se faire naturaliser sous condition de renoncer au “statut coranique”. Et le double collège ne sera supprimé qu’en juillet 1958.

    Pour rappel historique (encore) : en mars 1957, la Bataille d’Alger était en cours. Ben Mhidi avait été assassiné au début du mois (le 3 ou 4 mars). Et Ali Boumendjel le 23 mars.

    Sans aller plus loin… et sans trop fouiller pour plus de précision et d’exactitude, je me demande où Medelci a pu trouver que nous “étions français”. Ni psychologiquement, ni militairement, ni juridiquement nous n’étions au moment du Traité de Rome français… sauf pour certains qui ont voulu et décidé de l’être… ceux-là ne représentent absolument pas “tout” le peuple algérien au nom duquel Medelci déclare s’exprimer, Lui!
    C’est une horreur et une terrible erreur, indigne d’un ministre des affaires étrangères censé être bien informé de l’Histoire de son pays…

  4. J’imagine en fait Medelci, tel un ignorant qui n’avait plus d’arguments a mettre en avant, dire tout ce qui lui passait par la tete… L’entrevue aurait pu durer plus longtemps et donner quelque chose du genre:

    – Oui m’sieur, l’Algerie aurait pu etre europeenne!
    – Et pis on a libere Madame La France! C’est que nous etions francais monsieur!
    – Et Saint-Augustin, C’est lui qui vous a converti au Christianisme! Vos racines europeenne, et bien c’est nous monsieur!
    – Mon Ami Khelil est americain. Vous etes americain peut-etre?

    – Dezzou m3ahoum, Bouteflika et Benbella sont marocains monsieur. Et moi aussi, spirituellement. Et on s’enfiche de l’Algerie et de l’europe.

    – One Two Three viva l’Algireee

    • :-)))
      J’ai oublié un détail : et pourquoi toujours cette tendance à aller sur des médias autres qu’algériens pour nous parler et s’expliquer avec nous… ça suffit!

      • Facile Oumelkhir… pour trois raisons :
        1-il méprise profondément le peuple et il savoure ça.
        2-Un aveu caché, il sait que même le tout petit média qui n’a aucune crédibilité est beaucoup plus crédible que le(s) sien(s)… (Moi je ne mettrai pas de ‘s’ mais bon)
        3- un troisième point psychologique: le complexe d’infériorité que dans son cas est génétique
        Wa allaho a3lam

  5. Je me souviens d’une catégorie d’indigènes surnommés les Beni-Oui-Oui. Il est de ceux là! De Gaulle avait compris (sic) que la tradition judéo-chrétienne était inconciliable avec la tradition musulmane. Le Ministre aurait dû retenir au moins ç ses anciens maîtres. Khi hmar ya khi.

  6. The algerian government doesn’t speak to the algerians any more, its discourse is exclusively for the others…
    This pitiful sight is the result of Bouteflika’s era that begun with a campaign of what was called taboos breaking… and at that time there was already a confusion between breaking some stupid taboos and breaking some fundamental principles.

    Didn’t somebody tell this guy that if history didn’t take some path he would be certainly cleaning shoes somewhere between la rue Michelet et la rue d’Isly…

  7. I’ll add another reason to the Matrix’s list. Today, the system’s survival depends ONLY on the friends it has abroad. They’d talk to the people through Algerian press if these people did elect them but they didn’t. Look at Bashar, he still has friends abroad, and he’s still in charge… Simple.

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