Normal in Algeria II

I just came across some YouTube videos which relate well to my previous post here.

We Algerians are known for being very critical of the situation in our country but it usually doesn’t go beyond talk. Action does indeed never follow. But there is worse, sometimes those very critical people do act but their actions are the opposite of their talk. It’s like all Algerians are professional politicians! Listening to Algerians would make you think everyone taken alone is the perfect citizen but then when you consider us as a group, a people… Rabbi yestar.

The videos I came across and which I post here show that sometimes it is possible to act and fix what’s wrong.


4 thoughts on “Normal in Algeria II

  1. Ce Elias, il est pas normal :-)))
    Blague à part, on remarque bien entre la vidéo du parking et celle des cartons, comment les choses peuvent s’organiser le plus normalement du monde pourvu qu’il y ait une “autorité de régulation”. L’anarchie et le manque de civisme se “soignent” par l’autorité et l’application des réglementations et des lois (pour tous), c’est aussi bête que ça. Malheureusement…..

    • L’autorite, le baton et la carotte, sont en effet des outils efficaces quand on veut changer certains comportements. Y’en a d’autres…
      Ce que je retiens de ces videos c’est le fait que le plus dur est souvent de commencer. On voit bien que des que quelqu’un ose il peut etre sur que d’autres suivront. (c’est d’ailleurs valable pour des choses positives et negatives)

  2. ومن عمل حسنة فله أجرها وأجر من عمل بها الي يم الد ين

    I do not remember who said this, however I can hardly imagine the whereabouts of men and women like Braille, Pasteur (please add yours) and many others yet to come who improved or saved lives over the centuries. Oh wait, wait. May be some are barred because they are ”kouffar?”. Schools, Mosques, and every one should live and abide to one simple attitude. ”Doing Good”. It is this attitude that we need to promote and engrave in the hearts of the next generations. It should be chanted in every occasion instead of anthems and patriotic songs that have lost their substance… except may be… when our football teams are on the verge to win a game or may be not 😉

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