57 years since the Algerian Revolution

I created this post and, for five long minutes, I didn’t know how to start or what to write. Revolt, revolution, war… Giving a name to an event is not easy, we see it today with the changes in some Arab countries.

57 years ago started one of the most important events in the 20th century. The Algerian revolution had the objective to free the country and its people from French control, to create a sovereign, democratic and social state, and to make sure fundamental liberties are guaranteed for all its inhabitants.

Has the goal been achieved? Political independence has been recovered. The rest is yet to come… Brave men and women gave their lives to achieve the first point, and achieving the rest should be our way to show our gratitude. The revolution is never over… Only its methods evolve.

I considered copying excerpts of Malek Bennabi’s “SOS… Algérie”, the letter he wrote in 1957 to tell the world of his people’s sufferings, but I don’t have enough time in hand. Instead, I am inserting this YouTube video from “The Fire”, the series adapted from Mohamed Dib‘s trilogy. I don’t know exactly why but there is a strong link in my mind between the below music and November 1954.


2 thoughts on “57 years since the Algerian Revolution

  1. THE FIRE : I remember the voice-over reading a text that fits incredibly with today’s Algeria.

    شعب أرادوا أن يحولوه بالقوة إلى قطيع من الغنم همه الوحيد هو المرعى….

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