Some kabyle proverbs

I3addad ur issellem ma dh udhay nagh dhi neslem.
“He passed by without saying hi, as if he’s a Jew and not a Muslim”.

Yiwen yetghenni selquran, wayedh ur yessin elhamdou ithzallith.
“One sings with Quran, and another doesn’t even know el fatiha for the prayers”.

Ur hamlagh Gma, Ur hamlagh win ith yewthen.
“I don’t like my brother but I don’t like those who beat him”. Interesting having Libya in mind…

Ennanas i Fer3oun amek i thughaledh ed rabbi. Innayassen Ar thura yiwen ur yidiqerre3
“They asked pharaoh, how did you become a god? He replied, till now nobody prevented me from doing it”. This is interesting as well when you think of most all the Arab rulers.


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