The medical interns suspend their strike

The medical interns have finally decided to suspend their strike (which they started on the 28th march) on the 17th july 2011. Although not all their demands have been satisfied, there has apparently been progress on the regulatory texts which describe their professional status. The major demand (the abolition of the civil service) has however not been met. Some papers say that the suspension of the strike is thus temporary.

I have written about this strike here and requested that our readers give their opinions on it. In this post, I would like to enquire if our readers could recommend any sources or Web entries where representatives or ordinary medical interns express their opinions and present their version of events that would be a great help. We have also received a request from a medical student in the US for more information on the strike, here it is:

My name is Jack DePaolo. I am a medical student in the United States. I am also a writer for Medscape (, an online magazine/info site for medical students in the US. I am currently working on a article for Medscape about the medical residents strike that is occurring in Algeria. I read your blog entry about it, and enjoyed it very much. It was informative and interesting, with several enlightening opinions that helped me understand the root of the conflict.
In the article that I am writing, I am hoping to interview a couple of medical interns in Algeria to get their opinions on the matter, and to display to my American audience what is actually occurring in your country. Is there anyway that you could provide me emails of a medical residents who you know and would be willing to speak with me? It would be great to have residents on either side of the debate discuss their views.

If any of our readers feel they can contribute or help Jack, please feel free to do so in the comments or get in touch via the Contact us section and we’ll put you in touch with Jack.

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