Algiers metro, essaber ynal!

The Algerian minister of transportations, Amar Tou, announced that the metro of Algiers will be up and running on November 1st. Yes you heard me, in less than four months; which is nothing when you have waited for it for more than 30 years. The people of Algiers should be able to visit the stations starting from next week and should even take part in the official trials during the month of September.

Several Algerian cities, including Algiers, already have or will have their tramways which came back to fashion all around the world, but the metro of Algiers is really something special. The reason being, as I said, the fact this project should have ended a long time ago, and even in the past years (since Algeria got increasing financial reserves ) the first delivery had been postponed several times.

This first delivery will concern 10 stations over 10 kms from la Grande Poste to Hay El Badr. The government has already reserved 400 policemen and 400 more men from the Algiers metro company to insure the security in the network.

Final network of the metro of Algiers

I have been using the Bejaia/Algiers new train for some time now and I must say my worries about the train being degraded have disappeared. The ticket is relatively expensive so not everyone can take it, and those who can afford the money are usually not the type to vandalise. So I don’t know about this metro. I hope the people of Algiers will measure the benefits they will have from this metro and keep it clean. The network management was given to French RATP.

I hope the issues that happened during the inauguration of the tramway won’t happen again on the metro inauguration day. For the sake of Amar Tou.


6 thoughts on “Algiers metro, essaber ynal!

  1. If they keep the traditional price it means 10DA / 15 DA the company can’t afford to pay for the rennovation and the daily cleaning of the metro and it will be rotten in less than a year . If we put high prices, only a few people will take the metro, the left instead will take a taxi or a bus .

  2. RATP! Sorry for the inappropriate word, but they are JERKS! money thirsty monsters that do nothing except making their customers miserable!

    –Sorry for the off subject comment.

  3. this is just to tell how much life is changing , back in the days , I walked 8 Km a day from home to school everyday for 10 years unless we have some good neighbors give us a lift once in a while (6 years in elementary school and 4 yeas in high school) life was hard but it was quite and simple , no worries , so mabrouk’s a public property which is going to make life easier for a lots of people .

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