Kabyle wisdom

About time to post some Kabyle proverbs. It’s interesting that I wrote the above Arab proverbs in Arabic with Latin transliteration but no translation (like I expected the non-Arab /non-Algerian readers to understand 🙂 ) and now I use Latin transliteration (I would use Tifinagh which I learnt when I was a teenager if I had an adequate keyboard) and English translation for the Kabyle ones. It probably tells something about the languages’ situation in Algeria.

“A vava uwthennagh, A mmi 3aqlenagh”
Father, they beat us. Son, they recognised us. This proverb tells the same thing as Malek Bennabi’s colonisability concept.
“Amu dhella3 leqmash, ama tellidh ama ulash”
Said to useless things/persons. Nobody notices their presence or their absence.

“Kthalaghass tardhasth iwi ighil”
Said to someone who uses some other one’s generosity to get more than he/she deserves/needs.

“Win ivghan adh yizur yarqiq”
I like this one. Whoever wants to become solid/strong/tough must suffer (this is not the literal translation).


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