Mhamed Issiakhem


I remember I received a big book with Issiakhem’s paintings among my baccalaureate awards. I had known the artist before but it was only then that I had the opportunity to discover his work.
Mhamed Issiakhem (born 1928, Azeffoun – died 1985) is considered as the founder of modern Algerian painting. As there’s a lot of information about him on-line, I will only link to some of the related pages for those who want more details.
Issiakhem had lost his left arm because of a grenade he was playing with when he was young, and he was disappointed by the way Algeria had followed after its independence. To him the country just missed the path that had been defined during the revolution. I remember I could recognise these two aspects in Ahlam Mosteghanemi‘s hero, Khaled Ben Toubal.An exhibition of Issiakhem’s work took place last December at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMA). Below is “The Martyr’s resurrection” which is my preferred painting.


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