New West Order

I am perhaps supposed/expected to write something about Egypt and congratulate its people for toppling their dictator, but I don’t feel this is time for celebrations/congratulations: Seeing the military clearly taking over the power doesn’t please me. I will therefore wait till a new constitution is voted and new legislative and presidential elections are held, and then perhaps I may congratulate the Egyptians for the great courage and determination they have shown.

The recent events in Tunisia and Egypt have shown us that the people’s determination and organisation is key when they want to free themselves. The events have also shown us once again the hypocrisy of the Western democracies.
There are indeed many people in the West who just discovered that Ezzine and Mubarak were dictators and that their governments were supporting them. In France, they even discovered that their ministers had personal ties with Tunisian and Egyptian corrupt leaders and had their holidays in these countries paid by these generous and rich Arab friends.

Some years ago, GWB and his Rice friend talked about a new order in the Middle East. They even included Maghreb countries in this group… This order was supposed to start in the two countries (Iraq and Afghanistan) they are occupying and then spread all around the Arab world creating new “democracies” which would make the Arab people happier and the whole world safer.
This plan of course cared little of the Arab people’s happiness and its major goal was to insure oil security to the US and a bigger security to Israel. And as usual, the European Union had greeted this wonderful plan.

But, we say in Kabyle “noukni net’habbir, Rabbi itdhebbir” (We plan and God decides), GWB’s plan went kaput. And instead, young people in two countries started moving and succeeded in throwing over their dictators who happen to be among the West’s best friends (read servants). The West failed to sense the change and tried to react as best it could. We’ve had an interesting reaction in France on Tunisia and Obama’s hesitations on Egypt were laughable. But one mustn’t be fooled, the West has moved its pawns and we will have to wait before we could see the consequences.

Realpolitik  is the ugly name given to these great democracies’ behaviour when it is in total opposition to the human rights and democratic principles they praise. They say Western states wouldn’t be able to compete with other less-democratic but very powerful countries (such as China) if they don’t follow the Realpolitik rules.

Every country does indeed protect its interests and this is obviously understandable and very normal, but does this have to be done at all costs and by all means? Isn’t there any principle/rule that should be respected no matter what?

I feel the populations of the West do not like this Realpolitik but they are unable to force new practices on their governments mainly because the Western democracies are not perfect, and also because these same populations are afraid of the risk of seeing their countries losing power and hegemony (leading to jobs losses, etc.)
And this is why I suggest that we, people of North Africa and the Middle East, get rid very quickly of all our dictators and install fairer systems so that we could take time and help our Western friends in changing their world. It’s very urgent that we help them create a New West Order where ethics are associated with politics, and make their world better and our world safer.


2 thoughts on “New West Order

  1. Indeed MnarviDZ; ‘The Western democracies are not perfect’

    There is no perfect democracy for what so ever, they are all just human’s practices, and what is broadcasted in public is not necessarily what is actually cooked in discreet, this is politics. But, the more the general public is aware of his own rights and do stand up for it, the better practices of democracies are revealed. but it will never reach that 99%of effectiveness.

    Regarding the western countries position of the arab world, you remember in one of the previous comments I said, in reality and at that scale, there is no enemie or friend for ever, there is interest that defines relationships, once they finish with you, you are automatically slaughtered at lunch or diner time, who ever you are. this is applicable even between themselves. you may call it hypocrisy or what so ever, this is part of politics which is a human practices.

    It’s certainly crucial to use the rules of the games, as there is always a cracked area of the wall from where to start. democracy is not merchandise to be imported from else where, it has to be built up internally, it’s a culture on its own, that needs people who apply it on a daily basis, then grows up gradually and naturally.

    Having said that, there is always a price for each rewarding step. it’s also all natural

    • Thanks Mohamed for your comment.
      There are indeed national and regional interests which force the states to act the way they do and I am aware of all that. The world’s values today are such that no win-win situation can be envisaged; and I am not talking only about the states but even at individual levels.

      Call me an idealist if you wish but I believe there is some point in international relations that we should tend to and which would guarantee a fairer behaviour between the states without discarding their respective interests.

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