Yen3al bou elli ma yhabnash!

Slimane Benaissa is an author, an actor and a director who’s had some successful works in Algeria and abroad. I’ve seen him a few times on stage and have always found his performances great.
A friend of mine just shared this piece and I thought it was worth posting here. It’s from Benaissa’s famous “Babour ghraq” which, I am sure, many Algerians know and like. I enjoyed listening to it again and I hope you will enjoy it too.


6 thoughts on “Yen3al bou elli ma yhabnash!

  1. Jeddi boushalghouma !
    Pity, I never watched the play at the TNA, watched it only once on TV…
    Great artist!!! Great soliloquy!!! sharp, witty…very clever!
    I like “Jeddi kla elkartoos w galhoum lookan rakoum fhoola arwahou tediw le3neb”…
    I wonder what Jeddi would say these days…mazalkoum etdirou fil booolitik…wa mazalkoum teghltou fi ba3thakoum…Tek Ya wa3di…
    Here is an interview of the artist. I like “… c’est mon métier d’être optimiste”
    Thank you for sharing

    • I too only watched Babour Ghraq on TV…
      In only 11 minutes Benaissa mentioned many of the items which are behind our current problems. I don’t know what Djeddi would say today but I am sure he would be very upset.

      I guess you copied the wrong link (Riz khan video was also interesting) so if you pass by please do share the link to the interview 🙂

  2. Babour eghraq… ehhhh!!! “Nta khouya ouana chkoun”, another great play by Slimane Benaissa.

    This video can be seen as a contribution to the debate on the language paradigm you launched some time ago. Ten minutes almost exclusively in darja… deep, emotional and in a good level litterature style.

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